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“Who Am I” Essay Writing Tips

Posted on February 28th, 2018
Who Am I Essay Writing Tips

In this type of essay, a writer has to write about him/herself. It may seem easy at first glance. However, talking about oneself is not always as simple as talking about other people. The writer has to be somewhere in between judging and praising him/herself not to seem too boring or too boastful. The following article will give useful tips on how to write “who am I” essays.

Introduction and Thesis

In order to set a correct tone of the paper, it is recommended to start it with a strong thesis, which will provide a clear understanding of what the paper is going to tell about. So, in order to get the readers interested in your paper, you should write a good thesis statement. An example of such thesis can be the following: “The paper will help understand the main traits that have influenced the process of shaping me as a personality”. Read more..
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Hyphen with Numbers

Posted on February 22nd, 2018
Hyphen with Numbers

There are several rules explaining the necessity to hyphenate numbers and which should be learned by each and every native speaker and student learning English as a foreign language. Familiarization and mastering this important grammatical chapter helps not only to avoid the unclear content of a certain piece of writing but shows a person’s profound knowledge of English grammar. When is it obligatory to hyphenate numbers and in what cases is it irrelevant? Learn below. Read more..

Useful Advice for Writing a Dissertation Theoretical Framework

Posted on February 6th, 2018
Writing a Dissertation Theoretical Framework

As a part of undergrad or postgraduate studies, many students have to write a dissertation or a similar type of work, which makes them deal with a theoretical framework.

What Is a Theoretical Framework?

Let us begin with a definition of the theoretical framework (hereinafter referred to as TF), which is a definition of the concept researched and reference to any existing scholar theories and studies that cover this particular subject. Read more..

Where to Get a 20-Page Long Paper in 24 Hours?

Posted on January 29th, 2018
20-Page Long Paper

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Creating a 5000 to 6000-word essay is a classic task for students of higher learning establishments around the globe. Normally, a lot of time is allocated to writing essays of such a scale. However, most students put aside this assignment till the last day. Being unable to meet the deadline, they have to turn to professionals to hand in their essays on time.

The length of a 5000-6000-word paper is approximately from 18 to 22 pages.

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Our professionals will help you write a perfect essay whatever the deadline is. Therefore, being unable to complete this work on time, do not exhaust yourself and appeal for help as soon as possible, as your points are a significant issue. Read more..

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