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What Do the Characters Feel About Their Authors?

Posted on October 16th, 2017
Some writers tend to believe that they feel the characters while they are creating a book. They do believe that their literature creations are independent individualities with their own thoughts and paths. If characters had their own opinion about their creators, it wouldn’t be love or gratitude for sure.

The Book Has to Be Interesting and the Character Has to Suffer

We get used to thinking that a good book ought to have an unusual plot concerning hero’s life. He/she must be a hero, fight, and struggle to survive, get into traps and troubles and lose a dear person. He/she might even die tragically so we can be amazed with the plot. But we still tend to believe in the happy end no matter what. Read more..

Your King Lear Essay

Posted on October 6th, 2017
King Lear Essay

What to Include in King Lear Essays?

King Lear is surely one of Shakespeare’s greatest and most famous literary works of the ages. The way the readers and audiences respond to King Lear varies greatly and is definitely the most interesting point about it. This tragedy with all its complexity is a masterful mix of complicated themes and characters; it involves a sophisticated plot and strong emotions. All this should be included in your King Lear Essay.

You may write about many things in your essay. You can start with the most important things of King Lear just as any introduction to an essay starts. Here, the characters, the plot, the themes and the issues, which it raises, can be discussed. You may add various interpretations of readers and audiences too. Concerning the length of the essay, it can be any. Read more..

Essay Tips to Get Into Harvard

Posted on September 25th, 2017
Get into Harvard

Everybody considers getting into Harvard to be a challenging task. In fact, it’s not that complicated. The problem roots in the teens’ inability to believe in themselves. Thereby, they do not try hard when working on their application essays. Moreover, they often disregard basic rules of admission success. Psychologists argue that only a few words may change your future. Do you know which?

Time Changes

Nowadays, you will not impress the admission board with a set of talents, striking charisma or high GPA. One is expected to offer a professionally written essay when considering their studies in the elite college instead of beginning their career path as a waiter in a creepy restaurant. Read more..

Posted in: College Life

The Importance of Management Skills

Posted on September 20th, 2017
Management Skills

Talking about management skills, the first thing we should think of is the essence that this phrase bears. The word “skill” means the ability acquired through deliberate and systematic implementation of theory in practice, while “management” means nothing else as something related to organization and coordination of any process. In tandem, the term “management skills” compose a set of skills aimed at improvement of the functioning of all the sectors of an enterprise or business.

Regardless of a sphere or industry, the level of management involves three common skills for all the managers. These are conceptual, human and technical skills, where conceptual are the ability to think creatively and find relationships between abstract categories, human assist in working and communicating with people and techniques include various tools and techniques to get the work be done. Read more..
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