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How to Write a Valedictorian Speech

Life is divided into phases. When a person comes to the end of one of the phases, happiness or sorrow follows it. Graduation is one…

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How to Revise My Paper

Table of Contents Misprints Punctuation Marks Related Blog Posts from category “Writing Assistance” When working on an important piece of writing, typos, grammatical, spelling and…

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Ghost Representation in the Story the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Have you been given a college assignment to write “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” essay? Are you experiencing troubles with finding the ideas to start…

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What Do the Characters Feel About Their Authors?

Some writers tend to believe that they feel the characters while they are creating a book. They do believe that their literature creations are independent…

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Your King Lear Essay

What to Include in King Lear Essays? King Lear is surely one of Shakespeare’s greatest and most famous literary works of the ages. The way…
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