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Tips on How to Write an Interview Essay Properly

Posted on February 2nd, 2017
Write an Interview

As it can be inferred from the name, an interview essay is based on an interview. Actually, this type of essay is slightly different from other kinds. Read on this article and find out the main features of an interview essay.

The Main Steps in Writing an Interview Essay:

1. Choose a Subject

You will be either given a clear assignment from your professor or will be provided with an option to choose a topic yourself. Thus, it will depend on the assignment who you will interview. Another important thing is that the topic of interview should be interesting and appropriate for the interviewee. He/she should be eager to be interviewed. Actually, the success of the task will mainly depend on how full and clear the provided information is. If the person you have initially chosen for interview is not willing to cooperate with you, it is highly advisable to choose another person. Read more..
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Scarlet Letter Quotes Essay

Posted on January 27th, 2017
Scarlet Letter Quotes

A number of masterpieces can be found in the American literature, and Scarlet Letter is one of them. Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and published in 1850, this piece of writing remains a magnum opus of the author and a cornerstone of the American literature. The story is set in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 17th century. It covers such topics as guilt, sin, and legalism. The main character is Hester Prynne – a woman who conceives a baby through adultery. She strives to start a new life of dignity and repentance. Even though Scarlet Letter was written over 150 years ago, some of its quotes still ring true today. This work of art tells us about cultural and social norms that were accepted in the first Puritan settlements in Boston. It also narrates about hard choices people made and the consequences they faced. To better understand the essence of Scarlet Letter and its main ideas, let’s consider some of the quotes from this book. Read more..
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Time Management Tips

Posted on January 19th, 2017
Time Management Tips

We live in the times that force us to work and even relax in the insanely rapid tempo. It is not a baseless exaggeration because when we are having rest after hard work we still do it in a rush. At times, everybody feels a burning desire to rebel against such living conditions. However, that is the reality, no matter whether it is acceptable for you or not. That is why, it is crucially important to use time effectively, be able to maintain a proper work-life balance, and know how to organize tasks successfully. We suggest you the list of tips that are meant to help you to have a good work-life balance, and in this way allow being more productive at work and leisure. Read more..

What Are the Main Reasons for Bullying?

Posted on January 10th, 2017
What Are the Main Reasons for Bullying

Each of us has met bullying at school, college, university, or on the streets at least one time during our life. Scientists argue that there is a new type of bullying today called cyber bullying. The primary victims are young people who use modern technologies. They often suffer from public bullying on the internet where they find some fake photos or links about themselves. So, it may cause significant problems in the future. Read more..