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The order registration form has frozen and the web page will not update. What shall I do?

We are almost certain that the problem lies in the exceeding size of the attached files. So, try to delete all files you have attached there and rather send them via email to the customer support representatives.

I have picked wrong order type/ word count limit/ urgency/ formatting style, etc. Can I edit my order placement form?

It is not possible to add the updates on your own once you have already submitted the order. However, with our customer support agents` help, you will be able to introduce the necessary changes. Keep in mind that the total price may change depending on the changes and you may have to pay a compensation afterwards.

How can I add more pages to my paper?

You need to inform the company about that. Try contacting live chat support and then get to know how to place additional pages via the website. They will be registered as a separate order named additional to the needed order ID.

How can I see that the writer has been assigned to my paper?

You will be able to see the writer`s ID in the order details information. Besides, the order status will be named as “Processing.”

Can I order a paper draft from you?

Surely, we have such services. You will have to pay extra for the draft, as we do not upload them with all orders. It is a separate service. The draft is delivered after 50% of the deadline period has come to an end. Besides, the draft constitutes a one-page document on your topic (an excerpt of your piece of writing).

How can I send a request to my writer to revise the paper?

You can send a revision request within the limit of your free revision time. When you send a revision of a short paper (less than 20 pages), then the free revision period is 48 hours. If your paper is 20 pages and more, the period is extended up to 30 days. Please remember to set the deadline and provide the writer will clear instructions. Whatever questions you have, be sure that our customer support agents will assist you.

How can I change my personal or contact details on the website, such as phone number, password, name, etc.?

You are welcome to log in to your profile, pick the “Edit” function, and then proceed with all changes. Just remember to press the “Save” button.

How long should I wait till you find a writer for my paper?

Actually, we try to find a writing specialist within the shortest terms possible. On average, it may take us from a few minutes to a few hours. However, if the paper requirements are complicated, if the deadline is pressing or if many writers are simply busy with their work, this process of assigning a writer may take up a bit more time.

I want to ask my writer to revise the paper, but the free revision period has expired. What shall I do then?

There is a possibility to place a new order on the website, pick the “Revision” type, and then provide all remarks and comments on what should be done.

How can I contact the assigned writer?

It is possible to contact your writer via the direct messaging system. You will be able to exchange messages about the order writing progress, any updates, clarifications, etc. When you need to contact the writer urgently or when you need the response from him/her right now but he/she is not available, you can get through to him/her via live chat support.

Where will I be able to download my finished custom paper?

Papers can be downloaded from your personal cabinet from the “Files” section. You also get a notification via email, so you will there find a link to your project.

Can you help clients with test assignments?

Yes, we are capable of providing not only regular academic writing papers but also professional assistance with online tests, exams, and quizzes. You will have to provide all details concerning when the test will take place, how long it will be in duration, and so on. You will also have to send your writer all the materials needed for the preparation. What is even more important, you will have to provide your credentials for test taking and indicate your time zone.

Can you handle my coding assignment?

No, we do not have specialists able to cope with your coding, programming, web or app development assignments.

How will I get notifications from your company?

All notifications are sent via email. As such, you will get information about when the writer was assigned, whether the order has changed its status, when a message has been sent to you, when the paper is uploaded, etc. Additionally, you may get SMS, calls, and system messages about any updates.

How will I know if you have assigned a writer or not?

If you want to be sure that a writer has started working on your paper, you can monitor this process manually. Just go to your order details and check on the status. If the status says “Payment verification,” it means that you have to pay for the order and verify the payment. If the status is “Processing,” this is what you are looking for — a writer has been assigned and the order is just being worked on. If the status is “Sent,” it means that the paper has been completed and you can find it in the completed files.

When will I receive my paper?

The order will be delivered according to the due date that you indicated in the order placement form.

Why am I facing issues with the order placement process?

We suspect that the main difficulty lies in the fact that you have tried to upload all the files to the order registration field. As such, it is far better to forward them via email to the customer support agents. The agents will then forward them to your writer.

Where will I find my uploaded custom-written paper?

Go to your profile by using the username and password. After that, check on the order ID and the completed files section. If the paper is ready, it will be in the “Files” section.

I have some difficulties processing the payment.

The troubles may be solved when you just try paying from another browser or when you pick another credit card and try it. However, if these tips do not solve the problem, then definitely you have to check it out with your bank or the financial department.

If my writer finishes the paper before the deadline, can I get my paper earlier?

Please realize that we work according to the set deadlines and upload papers in accordance with them. Writers and editors` salary depends on how much time they have to work on the order. Thus, we cannot ask them to send orders to us earlier without any compensation for the shorter deadline.

If I have placed an order with you, do I have a chance to get it sent to me via email?

Closer to the deadline expiration, your paper will be uploaded to the system. You will get a link via email and you will be able to download it from the “Files” section in your profile.

I have chosen supreme academic level of writing. Do I still need to pay additionally if I want to choose a preferred writer for my paper?

Choosing supreme level of writing predetermines that you will be assigned one writer out of the top 30 category. Additionally you will be provided with a report on plagiarism. If you want a specific writer to continue working on your assignments, you definitely have to pay extra as per company`s policies.

Why should I provide my phone number if I do not want to leave any contact information?

We cannot force our clientele base to provide us with valid contact numbers. Still, we want our clients to realize the fact that their failure to provide the correct number eliminates their chances for effective communication with our company administration.

Does your company guarantee full privacy of information?

Yes, we have a strict confidentiality policy, according to which no information is ever disclosed to the third parties. You can be calm about providing us with some facts.

According to the rules of revision requests, within the time set for a free revising option, can I send only one revision?

You can send as many revisions as you can within the given time.

How can I be certain that the paper I get will be free from plagiarism?

Original content is what we are focused on. Before delivery, each paper is scanned for plagiarism by our software.

Who will write my assignment?

We boast a rich and versatile team of writers, where each of them is a renowned expert in a specific area of research. As such, you can be sure that the writer assigned to work on your paper has academic writing skills, and the necessary expertise to cope with your task specifics.

How do I know that the paper content has been proofread and edited?

Our company provides extra VIP services that open you more opportunities when it comes to custom writing. Specifically, when using these services, you can pay for the editing option, i.e. “Get an order proofread by an editor.” So, after your writer completes the paper, it will be forwarded to the editorial department for proofreading and editing.

Can I be sure somehow that my assigned writer is already working on my paper?

You can see the order progress in the order status. Specifically, the “Processing” status means that the writer is working on your task. As soon as your writer uploads the paper to the system, the order status will be changed to “Sent”. There is also a possibility of getting notifications on any changes via SMS by ordering a specific VIP option.

Can I update information that I have provided during filling my order placement form, specifically change the deadline?

Our customer support representatives can provide the necessary updates for you as client do not have this possibility to change any order detail after the paper submission. In cases of shortening the deadline, you will have to pay a compensation price. Our customer support representatives will help you properly calculate the difference in deadlines and, correspondingly, in prices.

I would like to order a new paper with you and choose the writer who has already provided tasks for me. How is it possible to do that?

You need to choose the “Preferred Writer” option. You also need to know the ID number of the writer who has already completed orders for you. You can find the ID in the completed orders section. After you add that information, additional 15% will be counted to your total order price. That is how this option is ordered.

What are the main company`s responsibilities?

Our primary responsibility after clients place orders with us is to find an appropriate writer who can successfully deal with the paper. Secondly, we are responsible for providing round-the-clock customer support care for clients and be always in touch if something happens. Last but not the least, we guarantee custom-oriented approach to writing and plagiarism check of every order.

Will you help me with a really challenging task?

Why not? We have a versatile team of specialists, where some writers even hold PhD degrees. It means that we have writers who can even cope with dissertations, thesis papers, and other complicated assignments. If you are really worried about the order, you can first send us your instructions and double-check whether we have writers able to deal with them.

Why cannot I successfully process the payment?

Customers sometimes encounter some authorization errors or failures with the payment. In many cases, changing the banking card or using the other browser may help. In other cases, you have to contact your bank.

I clicked the “Proceed” button in the order placement form, but the page just continues loading.

It is an indication that some information cannot be processed. It happens because you might have attached many files that exceed in size. Try sending different materials via email to the customer support agents and then they will send them to your writer.

I paid for the order, but I still see the message asking me to pay.

There might have been some mistake. Maybe even money has not been withdrawn from your banking account — you need to check it carefully. If the money has been withdrawn, you will have to look for the payment receipt in your email inbox. The best option here would be to forward the receipt to us as a proof that the money transaction was successful. If neither a receipt nor charges on the bank statement are available, it follows that the financial transaction was not conducted. Try another device/card/browser/payment processing organization.

I want to ensure that my paper can be successfully handled. Can I send you my instructions for you to take a look at them?

Yes, we provide such a chance. We will clarify with the Writing Department who can handle the specific task. We will try to get back to you with the update as soon as possible after your request.

Why do you claim it is necessary to share phone numbers and personal contact details?

By having valid contact details shared by you, we will be able to get in touch with you in any urgent matters. Correspondingly, we can ensure effective and successful communication.

I got to know that my paper will be refunded. I wonder when will I get my money back?

The money reimbursement process takes from three to five business days on average. However, at times, it also depends on your bank.

What are the ways of reaching my writer?

We provide a direct messaging system on the website that enables clients to send messages to their writers online. In case you cannot log in to your account, feel free to send your files/clarifications to us by email and we will forward your message to your experts.

Where will I find my paper after completion?

An easy way to get your paper is to go to the personal profile, click the “Completed Orders” button, find the “Files” section, and look for your paper there. If the deadline has already expired, but you see no file there, it is a reason to contact the customer support for help.

When will I get my finished paper?

You can download the paper once the deadline expires. If you have forgotten the due date, check on it in the order details, section “Delivery.”

My assignment is based on the book. Can my assigned writer buy it to complete the assignment for me?

According to the policies of our company, our writers do not buy any materials needed for the completion of clients` papers. If you know that there is no book in free access, but your order should be based on it, keep in mind that you should buy it and then provide your assigned writer with a copy or a scan.

I was trying to submit my order online, but the page does not reload. What is the reason why it remains grey/ keeps loading?

Exceeding size of files may result in the inability for the page to reload. We recommend you to forward the filed via email to our customer support agents. Just indicate the writer`s ID in the email subject.

I was asked to add a page to my paper. I have already placed it online with your company. How can I ask my writer to do it for me?

Log in to your personal cabinet, find the ID of the current order. There is a button next to it named “Additional order.” When you click it, you will be able to indicate the exact number of pages that are needed. Afterwards, these two orders will be liked together, and your writer will be notified on the updates. Remember that additional payment will be withdrawn.

I indicated a wrong deadline, and now I need my paper faster. What should I do about that?

Please contact the live chat support. Inform the agents about the updates from your side, and follow their instructions. The customer support agent will help you calculate the difference between the deadlines. Since you want to shorten the deadline, a compensation here is a must.

I cannot find the needed order type on the list. How can I choose the correct and most appropriate type of writing?

You can consult our live chat support agents, and they will help you out. They will explore the task that you need to handle and will tell you what order type suits best in this case.

Do you ensure plagiarism-free writing?

We adhere to anti-plagiarism policies since we value creativity in writing, original thinking and authentic content. Therefore, we guarantee that each competed paper is scanned via anti-plagiarism software. We also assure our clients that their pieces of writing will be processed by the most experienced and qualified writers in their subject area. Note that you will get an opportunity to test your project for authenticity by PlagiarismSearch once it is delivered to you. Please pay attention that we never use Turnitin since it automatically saves the checked writing making it impossible to scan it twice.

Do you grant confidentiality of services?

Yes, when you cooperate with us, be sure that you will enjoy full privacy policy, where all information is kept in security. Neither your professors not classmates will ever get to know that you have been cooperating with us.

Will I get my paper on time?

Whatever the order complexity or deadline is, we guarantee that you will receive your paper according to the set deadline.

When I place an order with you and wonder how much I will have to pay, can I negotiate the prices then?

The prices with us are not negotiable. We have a fixed pricing policy where the prices depend on specific order criteria. When we form the pricing, we take into account order type, complexity of the assignment, academic level of writing, number of pages, and deadline among others. As such, it is possible to calculate the price via online calculator or ask the live chat support agents to tell you the exact price based on your paper instructions.

Can I talk with my writer if I have some inquiries?

We do not provide our writers with an opportunity to talk with writers on the phone. However, we provide a chance for clients to send messages via direct communication system. Besides, you may get in touch with the 24/7 customer support team if you need some urgent response from the writer.

I cannot proceed with the order placement process. I do not understand what is the reason for the page to be loading.

Check on the attached files section. If you have tried to upload a lot of files of different large sizes, the website might be lagging. It is thus better to send the files via email to the customer support team, and in their turn, they will forward the materials to your writer.

I want to place an online test with you. Its duration is approximately an hour. I cannot place an order with you since there is no such deadline.

Contact the customer support team to check on writers` availability at the time of your test. If the expert is available, we will be able to help you.

I would like to get a refund of my paper in form of bonus credits. How can I use the bonuses then?

Please contact our customer support agents and inform them of your decision. At times, you may even solve this issue with the financial department. When the bonus credits return to your account, you can use them for partial or full order payment.

When will I receive my paper and where do I get it from?

When you register your order online, you always indicate the timeframe for the writer to work on it. Therefore, you are expected to get the paper at around the deadline. Orders are downloaded from clients` personal accounts.

What assignment type should I select when placing the order?

If you cannot understand from your instructions what order type you need, you can rely on the assistance of our live chat support. You are welcome to share your instructions with us and get clarifications that you need.

How can I be certain that I can enjoy excellent quality of writing and get an A for a paper written by your writers?

While we can definitely guarantee excellent service of writing, original content and flawless mechanics, we never promise any grades. Evaluation process is a subjective one, so let professors grade you.

Is it possible to get my order earlier than the indicated deadline?

According to our rules, we provide papers only according to the indicated deadline. If you need the paper earlier, you will need to pay the compensation. Should you need some extra support with it, do not hesitate to contact our customer support representatives.

Who will be working on my order?

We guarantee that only experiences and professional writers who hold academic degrees in different research areas will be assigned to work on your custom orders. When finding a writer for a specific paper, we make sure that the writer`s qualifications adhere to the paper requirements and the level of writing needed by the client.

Before placing an order with you, I would like to check first if you are capable of handling it. Can I do so?

Yes, sure. Feel free to send your instructions to our customer support agents and we will help you find out. We will directly clarify with the Writing Department if there are specialists needed to cope with those specific tasks.

What is the pricing policy of your company?

First of all, we have stable prices that are formed by various criteria. So, when the total sum for the order is formed, we take into consideration the paper type, the topic, the complexity of the task, the academic level of writing, paper length and deadline of course. You can also get the price calculated by the live chat support agents.

How will I get the finished assignment?

We send papers via email and writers upload them to the system upon completion. So, if you have a chance now to visit our company`s website and log into the personal profile, you will be able to download the paper. If you do not have access to the website, you may ask the customer support agents to forward the paper to you via email.

I have written a part of my work but cannot finish it. Can you help me with it?

Yes, sure, please feel free to rely on us. We can provide you not only with the full papers written for from scratch by our company`s writers. We can also provide some separate chapters or finish those papers that you have started.

What is your schedule?

We work 24/7 every day of the year. You are welcome to rely on us for help any time.

Can you help me with urgent papers?

Sure, we have writers who can work under pressing deadlines and who can write papers fast.

I want to choose a specific writer to work on my order. Is it possible at all?

Sure, it is. We have an option that is paid additionally and that enables writers to choose a preferred writer. You just need to know the writer`s ID and insert it into the corresponding field.

Do you provide revisions if my paper needs corrections?

Yes, definitely. We deeply value our customers` satisfaction, and so we provide a free revision request option within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. When you send a free revision request, it is prohibited to provide any new instructions. The revision request should be sent based on the initial requirements.

Will you guarantee any grades for me as I am ordering from you?

No, we never guarantee grades to our clients. However, we can assure that the quality of writing will be excellent. Still, the grades will be put by the professors anyway.

Is there a possibility to scan my paper for plagiarism at your service?

If you mean you want to scan papers separately without placing orders with us, so this option is available after you have ordered VIP services, i.e. “The Plagiarism Check.” In this case, you have a chance to get your papers checked by the reliable plagiarism-detection software,, where your papers will be scanned for free throughout one year.

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