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Handy Essay Writing Tips to Follow to Write a Good Paper

According to its definition, an essay is a short composition that tells the readers about the author’s views and interests. At the same time, it is one of the most frequent tasks one deals with in college and it can be really hard to write it well.

Though an essay is considered to be a difficult job to do, there are several rules that are sure to help you.

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Important Essay Writing Tips to Consider

The Theory

Your essay should consist of four essential elements:

  • introduction

  • thesis statement

  • main body

  • conclusion

It should be argumentative and logical, easy to read. Each paragraph should be dedicated to one certain idea. The language shouldn’t be stodgy and pompous.

Possible Essay Topics

My hobby essay appertains to so-called personal essays, which means that the author writes about his own experience in different areas. Among basic topics for personal essays there are the following:

  • The biggest success you have ever had;

  • The best birthday party you’ve ever attended;

  • The most influential person in your life;

  • The most difficult choice you have ever been to make;

  • The brightest memory of your childhood.

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Essay Writing Practice

Still what lots of people do write about is their hobby. Everybody has one, though they may not even understand it is a hobby. Do you like growing flowers or listening to rock music? Do you adore cycling or reading? Even your job can be your hobby if you get pleasure from what you do.

Think about it and you will definitely find the pastime you can’t live without. If you have, then try to describe it. How did it begin? When? How old were you? Does anybody else, any relative or friend of yours, share your attitude towards it? Do your nearest and dearest approve your hobby or not? Can it become your full-time job one day?

After answering these questions you can be surprised to see that you have what to write about. Then, try to put your thoughts in a logical way to captivate your readers’ attention. Find your thesis. It is the statement you develop in the essay. If it is the phrase like this “My hobby is …” then be ready to explain to the audience why it is so. If you have several hobbies, better choose one of them.

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Essay Example

Now here is an example of a hobby essay that will help you to create your own.

We live in a world that hardly knows anything about rest and leisure. We are torn between work, home duties and social activities and every day looks the same as the previous one. However, there is one word that is a real music to our ears: a hobby. Everybody has one and this is what saves us from pressure of the cruel routine.

My hobby is definitely reading.

Since I was a little boy (girl), I have adored turning the leaves of a book, delving into the stories it could tell me. First I read tales, then novels. I preferred stories with an elaborate plot and true-to-life characters, especially fantasy books, full up with dragons and damsels in distress. My imagination was struck with the colorful illustrations and luscious descriptions. Even in my night dreams I saw quaint towers, haughty elves and fantastic adventures.

Of course, there were other avocations, but all of them were somehow connected to my biggest passion ever. I liked studying history and that helped me to see hidden guides in my favorite books as many of them had something to do with the realities of the past. Archery made me feel closer to the heroes of my childhood. Writing stories opened me the door to creating my own worlds.

The older I become, the harder it gets to read a lot as I have assignments and deadlines. However, I still try to find a couple of hours and enjoy a new book by my favorite author. It makes me relaxed and calm and then I feel I can cope with any task life gives me. So, being my hobby, reading helps me to manage with my day-to-day life and that’s for I adore it the most.

The example given above contains all the four elements essential to every essay. It has the introduction, explaining the necessity of having hobbies; the thesis statement; the main body with pros and the conclusion that repeats the main idea.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is one of the most common types of academic assignments. However, it is a difficult and time consuming task. Many people struggle to come up with creative, original and well-structured essays. The truth is that you need to put quite a lot of effort into it. We are here to help you and provide some professional tips on essay writing. Amongst the most perplexing topics is “My Hobby;” therefore, we will mostly focus our attention on the hurdles you might face while writing such an essay, and most importantly, we will teach you how to remove those hurdles.

An essay is defined as a short piece of writing on a particular subject that expresses the writer’s personal view. Essay writing is also one of the most regular tasks a student has to complete. If you do not know the principle of composing a basic piece of writing, you might find yourself in trouble.

To help you out, we have provided several tips that will certainly put you on the right track.

The Theory

Any essay consists of four main elements, namely:

  • introduction

  • thesis/argument statement

  • main body

  • conclusion

Also, you should remember that your essay should be logical, argumentative if necessary, and exhibit fluency. Each paragraph is supposed to present a particular idea.

The language should be eloquent, but not too pompous.

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Possible Topics

The “My Hobby” topic belongs to the personal essay subtype. It means that the writer tells us about their own experience in some particular area. The following are common topics found in personal essays:

  • Your bravest moment;

  • How money matters in your life;

  • A failure you’ve experienced;

  • A difficult decision you had to make;

  • Your childhood memory.

Writing Practice

Still, what most people happen to write about at some point is their hobby. Every person has a hobby, though they don’t always realize it. Some people enjoy cooking, others take care of their plants, some might study rock music history and some make fantastic cakes. Maybe you enjoy reading or writing, or you could be an amateur composer. Everybody has some interest in something, some activity that they find fun. A job could be a hobby as long as you enjoy what you do.

If you think about it carefully, you will remember what boosts your mood or wipes stress away. Once you know what that activity is, describe it. When and how did it begin? In what circumstances? At what age did you start doing it? Can you make money from doing your hobby? How much time do you spend on your hobby? Has your hobby influenced your choice of friends? Is your hobby costly?

Answer these questions and you will be surprised at how much there is to write about. Write a simple plan, e.g. divide your essay into sections and decide which ideas go into which section. Think of your thesis statement, i.e. the main idea you have to develop in your writing. Thus, if your thesis statement starts with the words, “My hobby is,” you have to provide an overview of what it is and why it is so. Then, try to connect your thoughts in a logical way since your main aim is to captivate your readers’ attention. You should also remember that if you have a few hobbies, it is much better to focus on one particular hobby.

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An Example

One of the most helpful things to do would be to read an example of a good essay. Therefore, below you can find a “my hobby” essay, which will help you understand the above concepts better.

The world we live in knows almost nothing about leisure and rest. People are torn between home duties, work, and social activities; each day seems to be exactly the same. However, there is one thing that makes our lives better, something that saves us from the boredom of everyday routine, and this is a hobby.

My hobby is reading. Since my childhood, I have loved immersing myself in a book, travelling through the stories it could show me. Being a child, I started with reading tales, then I grew into novels. I preferred stories that had true-to-life characters and an elaborate plot. I also adored fantasy books with damsels in distress and dragons. Luscious descriptions and colorful illustrations struck my imagination. The images would reoccur in my night dreams where fantastic adventures would take me to haughty elves and quaint towers.

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I had other interests, of course; however, all of them were in some way connected to my greatest passion. For example, I liked studying history, and that served as a hidden guide to my favorite books since many of them involved some realities of the past. Another example is archery, which made me closer to my childhood heroes. Writing stories, in turn, opened the door to adventurous worlds of my own.

Unfortunately, the older I become, the less time I have to read. Nevertheless, I still manage to find a couple of hours a day and travel through a new story by my favorite author. It helps me relax, after which I feel I can cope with any task. Therefore, reading is not just a hobby for me; it helps me handle day-to-day challenges, and for that I love it the most.

The above example contains all four essential elements of an essay: an introduction, a thesis statement, main body and a conclusion that summarizes your thoughts.


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