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How to Write a Classification Essay Effectively

While studying, students get a huge number of assignments. Since their types vary, the methods of creating them are different as well. Among the kinds of essays which students, enrolled on different academic programs, have to do, there is one called a classification essay. This paper differs from others due to its nature and peculiarities and, therefore, requires a special approach. Students assigned classification essays often get confused since they are not perfectly aware of its specific features and don’t fully understand what classification organization in writing is.

Well, we’d like to say that there is no need to get nervous about writing a classification essay since our team has a solution to such a problem. In this article, you’ll find valuable information about this specific type of papers. After reading it, you’ll get a clear understanding of what classification essays are and how to produce them in a proper manner. So, let’s start!

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What Is a Classification Essay? Highlighting the Basics

To get a clear idea of how to write a classification essay, it’s first necessary to find its precise definition. So, classification essays are assignments where the writer sorts or organizes various items or things into appropriate categories according to their similar features and characteristics. Apart from presenting the things or phenomena which such papers are focused on, it’s also necessary to give readers their proper explanations.

There are three peculiar features intrinsic to classification essays. Such papers:

  • Categorize the subject matter into appropriate groupings;
  • Ensure each category is based on one clear organizational principle;
  • Provide examples to match your individual categories.

At first, writing a classification essay seems easy. However, when the work starts, students realize that it’s rather burdensome and time-consuming. Why? Because such papers require meticulous attention to such items as accuracy and coherence. Still, as it has been stated above, there is no need to panic with our specialists at hand.

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How a Good Classification Essay should Be Written: Determining the Criteria

There are specific principles or criteria one should be aware of to succeed in writing a classification essay. Considering these aspects, it will be easier for you to construct a logical and comprehensible paper that meets your professor’s requirements and the general established standards. So, when creating a classification paper, you are to:

  • Decide what categories you are going to use

Do this thoroughly and do not omit any important categories. If, for example, you are describing the water sport options in Hawaii and list sailing and snorkeling, but overlook surfing, your essay will not be complete because Hawaii is more noted for surfing than any other activities. Additionally, you should not devise an excessive number of categories because these will make your classifications a little blurred. Say, you are discussing the topic of sports footwear and your organizational principle is different activities, you would not list stilettoes with training and golf shoes.

  • Use one principle for classification

When your categories are decided upon, take care to ensure they fit your chosen principle of organization, which is how groups are sorted. Make sure a specific principle does not unexpectedly creep in. If, say, your organizing principle is ‘water sport options for tourists,’ do not let another organizing principle such as ‘water sport options for natives’ slip in. The categories for this would be different, e.g. outrigger activities, canoeing or pearl diving.

  • Provide an equal number of examples to support every category

You might, however, need to elaborate more on the highest-ranking category. Giving examples, you’ll make your work more understandable for readers. Moreover, the papers including examples are more interesting than those lacking them.

Bearing these aspects in mind, you can make the writing process a lot easier and the final outcome – the desired one. Now, let’s see what the entire process consists of.

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Writing a Classification Essay Outline. Why Is It Needed?

To stay on the safe side, if it can be said so, you should create a detailed classification paper outline. “Why is it needed?” you may ask. Everything is simple. Owing to such a plan, it will be easier for you to establish a coherent classification essay structure and cover the aspects of a specific topic without missing the details. Actually, your outline will serve you as a guide to writing.

Usually, a good outline consists of three sections such as an introduction, body, and conclusion. Not to spend too much time on writing and then on editing the final work, it’s necessary to know exactly what information should be presented in each of the sections:

  • Introductory Part

In this section, you should present the subject which you’ve chosen among the classification essay topics so that readers can understand what they’re going to deal with. Give readers some basic details about the matter, but don’t reveal too many of them. Here, your task is to interest readers in the topic. Note that a thesis statement is to be presented in this very section.

  • Body Section

This section comprises a few paragraphs each based on a specific aspect of the matter you’re discussing. Here, you need to explain why a particular item fits in the established category. In this part, you may talk about similar and opposing points of previously set systems of categories.

  • Concluding Section

How to create a conclusion? This structural component of your paper has to be written concisely. Its main goal is to summarize the ideas discussed in your project. Additionally, you need to state whether any new experience has been gained in the course of classifying things. Avoid introducing new facts in this section.

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 How to Write a Classification Essay: Essential Stages

Considering the nature of classification essays, composing them may be quite challenging, especially if you have no clue about the stages of the writing process. Fortunately, we have prepared a list of steps for you to follow. So, have a look at the provided algorithm:



Pick a Topic

The first thing you should do is choose a great topic unless you are assigned one. When deciding on the subject, make sure you’ll manage to create enough categories and identify enough items within them.

Do Detailed Research

No matter the classification essay topics, you need to research the matter in detail. Actually, the scope of research depends on the specifics of the chosen subject. For instance, some scientific issues need more research than the general ones.

Generate Ideas and Arrange Information

Once the research is done, you should analyze the gathered material and arrange it in a suitable mode. Single out the items you intend to deal with and try to determine similarities and differences between them.

Create a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement for this type of essay should present the fundamental idea and the manner of its classification. It is sometimes appropriate to list the categories by name e.g. topic + how it is to be classified, followed by category 1, category 2, category 3 and so on.

Example: There are three types of water sports to enjoy in Hawaii: sailing, snorkeling and surfing.

Identify Categories

The identification of suitable categories is a crucial step in writing great classification essays. If you are to logically organize or classify various items, you first need to identify categories to place them into. Say, for instance, you want to organize a pile of papers. Rather than place them in random groups, decide what categories you could usefully put them into. These could be 1) documents that need to be dealt with immediately, 2) documents to be filed, 3) documents to be shared with colleagues and/or 4) documents to be deleted.

Make an Outline

Many students underestimate the importance of outlines and decide to skip this step. As a result, they fail to set a right essay structure and produce compelling content. We have already explained the role of outlines in writing, so we hope you understand that it shouldn’t be neglected.

Start Writing Your Classification Paper

Begin writing your work sticking to your outline. Elaborate on the main points and subpoints. Make sure that the body paragraphs are closely connected with a thesis statement.

Proofread Your Paper

Once your classification paper is created, you should to put it away for some time. Then, look at it with fresh eyes to detect possible mistakes. Our advice is to pay attention to not only grammar but also your thesis statement, essay structure, transitions between the paragraphs, etc.

We believe the question “How to write a classification essay?” won’t bother you so much. If not, you can always turn to us for classification essay writing assistance. Our pros know how to create such a work up to quality standards and are ready to produce one for you regardless of the topic assigned.

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Choosing Classification Essay Topics

“How to write a classification essay?” “How to set a proper essay structure?” are not the only questions that bother students. “How to select an interesting theme among numerous classification essay topics?” is one more query that causes headache to students. To help you make the selection process easier, we offer you to have a look at the list of topics presented below. Note that the following are the examples of topics for classification essays:

  • The USA’s most important historical events.
  • World sports cars.
  • Specifics of different countries e.g. write about population, popularity, territory and so on.
  • Physiological disorders/diseases.
  • The USA’s most widely watched television shows.
  • Examining different genres of music.
  • Analyzing the genres of movies.
  • Types of tricks used in movies.
  • Difference between boxing and karate.
  • Immersing into the types of dances.

These topic suggestions may help you understand what you’d like to write your paper about. Just remember one thing: you should select the topic that is familiar to you. In this way, it will be easier for you to get an idea about how to write your work, how to create a thesis statement, and make a coherent essay structure.

Classification Essay Writing Service at Your Disposal

If you consider classification papers rather complex, contact us for essay writing help. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists who know exactly how to write classification papers. They are well aware of the peculiarities of such papers, i.e. they know how to present a topic to grad readers’ attention, what methods to use to make a revealing body, and what to techniques to apply to create an impressive conclusion. Of course, you may browse the Net in search of a classification essay example. However, be careful since you can’t be sure of the quality of the found essay example. Remember that only professional writers can perform classification essay writing well.

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When cooperating with us, you can be certain that your papers will meet the set standards of quality. Moreover, your projects will be plagiarism-free since each work we create is tested for authenticity before delivery. If needed, you have an opportunity to order a plagiarism report. It costs extra, but the fee is very attractive. So, don’t waste your time thinking you can complete your task. Address us and see how easily your problems can be solved!


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