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How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: Clear Writing Directions

Quite often, students have to write a problem solution essay. This type of assignment should describe a certain issue and provide possible solutions to settle it. Students have to write a problem solution paper while studying at high school or college. Before writing your essay, you have to do thorough research in order to create a good paper. A superior quality problem solution essay should provide strong arguments explaining why a certain solution is the best for your specified issue. Like most other types of academic papers, such an essay should have an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, a main body, and a concluding paragraph.


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What Is a Problem Solution Essay?

Are you searching for a clear problem solution essay definition? Actually, a problem solution essay is a type of persuasive writing that presents a certain problem, convinces the readers that they have to care about it, describes the problem in details and then proposes an effective solution to it. Great problem solving essays should be convincing and contain strong arguments and evidence that are the proof that the offered solution is the best one.

In fact, this type of essay differs from persuasive and argumentative essays, since it is focused on arguments and discusses various problems and their consequences. Generally, problem and solution essays are all about finding a solution to a particular problem. This type of essay is much about clear reasoning and persuasion than anything else. Therefore, depending on their audience, the writer is required to think deeply and conduct lots of research. If you wonder “how many words should a problem-solution essay be?” we can say that its length is determined by the instructions and the topic given, but usually it is about 1 or 2 pages long (or 350-400 words).

Key Steps in Writing a Problem Solution Essay

The first thing you should do while creating a problem solution essay is to identify a particular issue which will be discussed in your paper. You can brainstorm any possible topics or choose from the list provided by the professor. It is very important to choose the right topic for your paper. The most appropriate topics for problem solution essays are those that can be viewed from different perspectives and also those that are not too broad. Your topic should be the one that can easily present solution to the problem that is discussed.

The introductory paragraph of a problem solution essay has to describe a particular matter and give appropriate background information on it. Remember that you should clearly define your issue as well as consequences of it remaining unsolved. All your main terms that should be defined in the paper have to be included in your introduction. You can also present some historical info that will help readers understand the issue you are discussing better.


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A thesis statement can vary depending on the matter that should be discussed. It can argue for the urgent necessity to resolve the issue or it can try to find a solution to the matter discussed. Most often, problem and solution essay argues for the only way out of the discussed situation that can be found. Your thesis statement should be no more than one-two sentence long. It should be provided at the end of introduction and has to state the main aim and objective of the paper.

The main body of your essay has to fully and clearly describe all proposed resolutions to your identified problem as well as discuss all the possible outcomes of resolutions provided. In order to create a good problem and solution essay, you have to present all advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions that are provided. In case some attempts were made to argue for a single solution to your certain problem, the main body of your essay must lead to a logical conclusion that your proposed solution is the best one available and the most appropriate one. If you are in such a situation, you have to not only state your solution but also explain how it has to be implemented.

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Your problem and solution essay should have a call to action. Your readers should have a feeling that they take part in your proposed solution or have to be involved in the process of solving your problem. You have to restate your thesis in your conclusion. You have to also present the future consequences of the problem being unsolved. You have to make your reader interested in solving the problem. A well-written problem solution essay gives the best way to solve the stated problem.

Follow the above mentioned tips and you will complete a top quality problem solution essay that will bring you a good grade and professor’s respect.


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