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What is the first part of any dissertation? For sure, it is an introduction chapter that leads readers to further presentation of the research outputs. Do you think that every student needs dissertation introduction writing help? We believe they do, but the scope of the needed assistance may differ. Some of them require writing help and attention to every detail, while others will be happy with editing of the draft they have prepared.

We offer you to have a look at some hints on how to write an introduction of a dissertation presented in this article to be able to consider all the hidden agendas that may interfere with your successful work. Get precise understanding of what is needed to succeed in writing a dissertation introduction and then conclude whether you can catch readers’ attention yourself or you’d better ask for professional dissertation introduction help.

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How to Start an Introduction of a Dissertation

No dissertation can be effective without a well-written introduction. A decent introduction to a Ph.D. dissertation requires not only the style developed for catching readers’ interest and attention, but also solid information presented in a brief manner. You have to make sure that the introductory part contains all the details about the dissertation topic, value, research aims, research objectives, and all other essential aspects. Most probably, the evaluation and examination board will read through this part most carefully, and then judge the rest of the dissertation on the basis of their first impression. The quality of a few paragraphs is critically important, so how can you neglect that fact?

Have you already tried yourself at writing a dissertation introduction chapter  ? Whatever your answer is, it will be valuable for you to learn the following writing tips on how to write a dissertation introduction to understand what should be covered. First of all, it’s necessary to figure out how to start writing a dissertation introduction. So, you need to clearly see the purpose of the opening section. Of course, you may say that it’s major function is to give readers background information about your research focus. Well, it’s true but this is a rather general statement. When creating the opening chapter, you need to give answers to the following questions:

  1. What subject are going to explore?
  2. Why is your topic worth being investigated?
  3. What is the scope of your research?
  4. What are the limitations of your investigation?

Basically, the opening section has to provide an overview of the study in brief and discuss its significance.

At first sight, it may seem that there is nothing complicated in describing the applied strategies and approaches, research aims and objectives, etc. However, the problem is that one may be tempted to go into meticulous details, which may be interesting but not necessarily mentioned in the introductory section making it rather lengthy. It’s essential for one to know how maintain a proper balance of the available data to make the section both informative and concise. If you don’t know how much information to provide not to lose the research focus, buy dissertation introduction writing from us. Our team can clearly identify the background information that has to be provided in the opening section without any useless details.

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Important Items to Be Included in the Opening Section

To construct an introductory unit in the right manner, you should know what elements are intrinsic to it and what they serve for. Draw your attention to the list compiled below:

  • Opening part – tell readers about your research focus.
  • Background information – talk about the context of your study.
  • Problem statement – mention the gap in current research.
  • Research aims, objectives and questions – specify the aims and objectives you try to achieve with the help of your investigation.
  • Importance of your study – explain why your study is worth being conducted and how it can contribute to a particular field of study.
  • Limitations – indicate possible limitations of your study and the used strategies and approaches.
  • Structure – briefly discuss the way your dissertation is arranged in.

Providing information related to each of the listed points, you’ll be able to properly explain to readers what major research focus of your academic work is. Moreover, disclosing each of the points in the listed order, it will be easier for you to ensure coherent writing and a smooth flow of information.

If you don’t know how to properly describe your strategies and approaches as well as aims and objectives and make your opening section appealing and informative, address us. At, you can order a dissertation introduction online and forget your worries.

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Effective Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

Any chapter of a dissertation, an introduction in particular, demands a lot from a student: top-notch writing skills, high level of theoretical knowledge, plenty of practical experience and what not. Contacting us for dissertation introduction help, you will save yourself from troubles and get writing support and guidance you need. Want to try producing the introductory unit on your own? Then, have a look at the instructions provided below.

Create the Opening Part

Provide a few sentences presenting the research area which you are going to conduct research in and the topic. Then, provide a sentence about the aims and objectives. Finally, talk about the way the chapter is organized.

Background Information

In this part of the opening chapter, you need to briefly describe the historical background of the matter you’re examining, latest developments in the specific field, etc. This part of your section should help readers understand the basics of your study.

Problem Statement

Unlike the previous part of an introduction, this one has to specify the problem under examination precisely. Note that the research problem is the questions or issue, which the existing studies don’t provide an answer to. To make everything clear, you may fist talk about already available information on the matter. Then, mention the gap in literature, and finally, explain why it has to be filled in.

Research Aims, Objectives and Questions

Be specific when presenting your aims and objectives so that readers could understand what your academic work is focused on and what strategies and approaches you intend to follow to in the course of your research.

Importance of Your Study

At this point, you are to explain how your study can contribute to the development of a specific field of study and the general area it relates to. Pay attention that this part of your opening section has to be persuasive.


First of all, remember that every single study has its own limitations. Talking about the limitations, mention the research scope, research methods, resources, etc.


The purpose of this part is to provide readers with the so-called structural guide so that they know what to expect. Here, you are to briefly summarize each section of a dissertation highlighting just the main points.

As it’s seen, the writing process presupposes a great deal of work. To achieve a superior result, one has to know how to differentiate between the data or primary and secondary importance, express ideas clearly, provide arguments to make the work sound convincing, etc. Moreover, one should have enough time not to be in a hurry. Otherwise, the output may not be as one anticipates. If you are afraid of being unable to cope with the task on your own, contact us for professional dissertation introduction help.

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Dissertation Introduction Writing Help: The Ordering Procedure

It is simple to place an order at The entire process will take a few minutes only. As to the steps that have to be taken, they are the following:

  1. Filling in the order form, insert all the needed information. Provide the deadline, topic, number of pages, spacing, and other important details. Have already formulated research objectives and questions? Provide those as well since any additional material can help the assigned pro fulfill your task the way you want.
  2. Pay accordingly. Pick the most convenient payment option to conduct a financial transaction. Once the payment goes through, your order will be assigned to the writer with proper experience and skills.
  3. Download your dissertation introduction sample from your personal profile. It can be done on the date specified in the order form.

The environment for order placing, payments, and discussion of academic and technical issues at is perfect. Our clients refer to it as to user-friendly and convenient, and it is really so.

If you consider your writing skills poor, don’t know how to describe your research focus, research methods, strategies and approaches, consider turning to us for assistance. We have outstanding experts on our team who are always willing to help you. Owing to their experience, research, analytical and writing skills, they can handle any ask in the best way. So, do not wait till the submission date! Delegate your assignment to us straightaway!


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