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Descriptive Essay Topics and Ideas for Every Taste

Many students think that descriptive essays are some of the easiest essays that they could receive as a home task. To some extent, they are right since this kind of writing assignment do not usually require too much research or looking for sources to cite. These are creative writing papers that are based on personal experiences and the use of imagination. But there is a really tough part about these assignments, which is to come up with descriptive essay topics.

There are two approaches as to how to be about descriptive essay ideas. The first one is to choose a truly unique and creative topic and write a piece about it. The other one is to choose one of the generic but good descriptive essay topics and write about it from an unusual perspective. Regardless of the method a student decides to use, they should be ready to rack their brains to paint a vivid and exciting picture in their paper. Through adjectives, metaphors, comparisons, and other creative tools, they need to help a reader to see without seeing.

If you are to deal with such an assignment, but you have no clue how to write a descriptive essay or where to search for ideas for descriptive writing, let us help you. is a custom writing agency that has been assisting students with their academic writing for many years now. We handle descriptive essays on a daily basis and do it very well thanks to our huge experience. And in this article, our team shares writing tips and 100 ready-to-use topics for a descriptive essay. Get on reading and let us help you to submit the best descriptive essay you possibly can.

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What Descriptive Writing Means

A descriptive essay is a type of creative writing assignment. Students usually have to describe a person, place, emotion, situation, experience, object, memory, event, etc. Professors love these tasks because they develop students’ creativity and imagination, allow for a lot of freedom, and improve the skills in playing with words. Also, descriptive writing is special because students have to show, and not tell, through words. A writer is to create a vivid visualization for a reader. And for all kinds of descriptive essay topics, it is done by appealing to people’s senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. For example, let us describe a dish using all the senses:

  • Sight: Pasta stands on the plate like a pyramid and breathes with steam.
  • Hearing: The chef loudly crashes salt and paper on top of it with a grinder.
  • Touch: He gently spins the plate to make sure the dish is perfect.
  • Smell: As the waiter is carrying the plate, the creamy smell floats behind it and tries to go back to the kitchen.
  • Taste: The very first bite of this pasta instantly took me to my grandma’s small kitchen, which always smelled like freshly baked bread.

Notice that all sentences show rather than tell. And vivid language allows a reader to imagine the scene, the pasta, and the warm feeling that the author had when eating it. That is why flowery language and sensory details are what defines descriptive writing.

Types of Descriptive Writing

Based on typical descriptive essay topics, several types of descriptive writing can be pointed out. Each of them has basic elements that one has to cover and simple rules one has to follow. Let us have a look at some of the types:

Type of Description


Writing about an object

If you are to describe an object, you need to choose one and study it. It can be any object, for example, your favorite mug, your phone, or a gift that you have received for your last birthday. Since evoking emotions about an object is complicated, the most effective technique here is to use all the senses. If you are looking for descriptive paragraph ideas, you may organize each paragraph around one sense at a time.

Writing about a person

If you check some examples of descriptive writing about a person, you will see that they never portray appearance alone. The authors also cover behaviors, movements, actions, words, etc. A writer needs to create such a vivid image so that the people who never met the described person could see them clearly as if they were standing in front of them.

Writing about oneself

It can be difficult to write about oneself, but it is fairly easy to write about things that you love or know well. In this case, you may consider such ideas for a descriptive essay as My Favorite Dish, My Neighborhood, My Pet, or My Biggest Dream. In this piece, you need to show a link between you and the subject you describe.

Writing about a location

If you are writing about a place, mind that you should describe its every detail. Also, in such papers, the organization is crucial. It will be difficult for a reader to follow if you provide details chaotically. To avoid confusion, choose to describe, for example, from left to right or from the top to the bottom. You might want to check some descriptive essay place examples to see what we mean.

Writing about nature

Again, the best approach here is to choose a part of nature that you really know well and to which you have an emotional attachment. It could be a local lake, your family’s garden, or a trail in the nearest forest. Focus on the beauty of nature and use comparisons to create images and evoke emotions.

Writing about memory or experience

Brainstorming examples for essays about your experiences or memories, think of moments that had a very strong impression on you. It could be your family trip, your first time riding a bike, or your first kiss. In this paper, use strong verbs actively to help a reader be a part of the event you describe.

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4 Tools to Make Use of in Descriptive Writing

We have mentioned above that you have to show, and not tell, in descriptive essays. However, it is easier said than done. Writing graphically requires advanced skills and much practice. The good thing is that, as with any skill, descriptive writing can be learned with the right tools and mastered. Here are the key 4 tools of describing that you should be aware of and start using:

  • Expressive details. The more specific and interesting details you add, the more vivid your description can be. This is the easiest way to engage a reader’s senses. For example, instead of writing “She was eating some fruit” specify that “She was eating a juicy and crunchy red apple.”
  • Vivid and precise verbs. There are neutral verbs, and there are verbs that evoke certain images and sensations. You should abuse the second category in your descriptive essay to provoke a reader to imagine. For instance, use “nibble” instead of “eat,” “tiptoe” instead of “go,” and “shriek” instead of “shout.”
  • Figurative means. Make use of figurative means that are used in literature a lot. Metaphors, similes, analogies, hyperbole, personification, and so much more tools are very powerful and can help create bright imagery.
  • Proper organization. It is crucial to describe an object, event, or person in an organized manner. Imagine if you describe your friend but start with the shoes, switch to the face, and then mention their height. This illustration lacks logic and is hard to follow. Always use chronological organization, spatial order, or the order of importance.

How to Choose Descriptive Essay Topics

One of the most challenging aspects of descriptive writing is to come up with descriptive essay topic ideas. For starters, their number is infinite since you can describe everything. However, which topic is the best? Which one is the easiest to write about? How do you come up with ideas for descriptive essays that are not too dull or boring? To help you answer at least some of these questions, we have compiled a list of tips on how to select a topic:

  • Study the instructions of your professor and look for the requirements regarding the topic. You do not want to be writing about something interesting but get a poor grade just because you forgot to check the teacher’s guidelines.
  • Create a table with several columns and titles like “an object,” “a person,” “an experience,” “an event,” etc.
  • Brainstorm descriptive essay topic ideas and put them in your table in a corresponding column.
  • Remember that you describe something well if you understand the subject well. Do not try to explain the feeling of jumping with a parachute if you did not have such an experience. It will be very difficult and will not appeal to a reader. Rely on your own memories and senses.
  • Having generated at least few options per category, choose a winner topic in each of them. Then, repeat the process and eliminate one topic each time.
  • When you are left with one topic, make sure it is neither too broad nor too narrow. For example, the topic “My room” may be a bit too broad, but “The messiest my room has ever been” is perfect.
  • Try creating an outline for your future essay using the chosen topic. Think of the most appropriate way to arrange writing. If you can imagine it, you can write it. If not, consider a different option.
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Good Descriptive Essay Topics Suggestions for You

The approach explained above will help you to find a topic that you are comfortable with. If the brainstorming stage does not go well very for you, you can choose one of our free and ready-to-use descriptive essay topics that has prepared for you. When the necessity to make up a topic disappears, you might even start enjoying the writing process.

Personal Topics for a Descriptive Essay

The most famous authors of the world often became well-known thanks to the pieces that they wrote about themselves. They knew what they were writing about deeply and managed to create bright images. If you also are looking for personal topics for descriptive essays, select one of these:

  1. My first bike ride ever.
  2. How I imagine an ideal date.
  3. My biggest fear.
  4. My first memory ever.
  5. The trait I like the most about myself.
  6. The very first time I fell in love or so I thought.
  7. My way toward getting a driver’s license.
  8. My biggest failure.
  9. The achievement I am the proudest of.
  10. My favorite breakfast.
  11. The luckiest I have ever been.
  12. My favorite toy as a child.
  13. The best meal I have ever had.
  14. The happiest I have ever felt.
  15. The moment I believed magic was real.
  16. What the feeling of home is for me.
  17. The loneliest I have ever felt.
  18. The angriest I have ever felt.
  19. The best Christmas gift I have ever received.
  20. What I would change in me if I could.

If do not feel comfortable writing about yourself, you may choose to describe the things or activities that you love. Share your passion for some subject with a reader, and you will definitely impress them. In this case, descriptive essay titles could be:

  1. My favorite game.
  2. The best series on Netflix.
  3. My collection of mugs / Lego / books, etc.
  4. The song that gets me every time.
  5. My first sports competition.
  6. The best book I have ever read.
  7. The coolest dress at Met Gala.
  8. The things I carry in my backpack.
  9. My favorite Marvel character.
  10. The most boring sport in the world.
  11. The first time I had to perform on stage.
  12. How my dream house looks like.
  13. The movie in which I would like to live.
  14. The soundtrack of my life.
  15. My laziest Sunday.
  16. The thing I spend most of my money on.
  17. The taste of my favorite candy.
  18. My first cooking experience ever.
  19. The weirdest play I have ever seen.
  20. The movie I wished I have slept through.

Descriptive Topics About Visiting Places

Another trick to make the writing of a descriptive essay easier is to write about experiences that you had. You will have to put your memories to work instead of making the ideas up. Besides, visiting places or events is something that everyone enjoys, so your audience is highly likely to admire the topic. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. The most disastrous vacation my family has ever had.
  2. The best concert I have ever visited.
  3. My favorite place to spend time on my own.
  4. How forest after rain smells.
  5. The camping trip that went terribly wrong.
  6. That one time when I got lost.
  7. The first time I have seen the ocean.
  8. The walk in the park: My observations.
  9. The most beautiful place I have ever been to.
  10. The scariest place I have ever been to.
  11. The most beautiful sunset I have witnessed.
  12. My perfect staycation.
  13. A perfect day on a beach.
  14. The first live sports event I attended.
  15. The view outside my window.
  16. The best photo I took when traveling.
  17. Fifteen minutes at a bus stop: My observations.
  18. The place I dream to visit.
  19. The most beautiful street in my city.
  20. A visit to an amusement park.

Topics to Write a Descriptive Essay on Other People

People always care about other people and their lives. If you want to take advantage of this inclination, you may decide to describe a person from a certain perspective and let your audience enjoy reading about them. You may write about:

  1. My favorite football player
  2. The best band that has ever existed.
  3. A stranger that I will never forget.
  4. A family member that I resemble the most.
  5. My oldest friend ever.
  6. My hero.
  7. A historical person I would like to meet.
  8. One day from the life of my mother.
  9. Gaming character that I would like to resemble.
  10. The person I admire the most.
  11. The most beautiful person I have ever seen.
  12. The kindest person I have ever met.
  13. The unhurried daily routine of my grandpa.
  14. What I hate the most about my boss.
  15. The pet peeves of my best friend.
  16. The funniest person I know.
  17. My famous crush.
  18. A passenger next to me on a plane
  19. The most inspiring person in my life.
  20. The person with whom I had the most laughs in my life.

Unusual Descriptive Essay Topics

A good topic should be able to catch a reader’s attention right from the start. One of the ways to do it is to surprise the audience and take their breath away with how unusual your approach to a descriptive essay assignment is. These ideas can help you catch a reader off guard:

  1. The time I found out Santa Claus was not real.
  2. The error I regret the most.
  3. The hardest goodbye I had to say in my life.
  4. Advice that I will remember my all life.
  5. My pet’s weird habits.
  6. The most embarrassing moment of my life.
  7. The smell that takes me back to childhood.
  8. The craziest one hour of my life.
  9. The ugliest thing in my room.
  10. What my last meal ever would be.
  11. The least thoughtful gift I have ever received.
  12. An absolutely useless skill that I have.
  13. What the feeling of butterflies in stomach is like.
  14. The ugliest piece of clothing I own.
  15. My best Halloween costume ever.
  16. The job I would do if money did not matter.
  17. Once upon a time in the queue.
  18. How I would act if I met an alien.
  19. My favorite jeans.
  20. My weird addiction.

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Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

If someone says to you that descriptive writing is an easy thing to do, do not believe them. Even having lots of experience, our writers acknowledge that this task is not a piece of cake. However, there are ways to make it easier by using the best practices and avoiding common mistakes. can help you do it.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Do’s

Here are some very effective Do’s to cope with descriptive assignments:

  • Do pay close attention to details regardless of what you describe. Notice the shape, colors, defects, stains, patterns, texture, taste, size, etc. Think of what an object or a person reminds you.
  • Do engage all five senses of a reader whenever it is possible. Create an immersive experience, and it will turn your writing into something special.
  • Do use the thesaurus a lot to look for better words to describe your ideas. Checking out synonyms might inspire you to a better description.
  • Do create an outline before writing. Although descriptive writing is a creative assignment, relying on inspiration alone will not work. Careful planning is what drives the results.

Don’ts of Writing a Descriptive Essay

On the other hand, here are the things that you need to avoid not to fail the task:

  • Do not stick to the very first topic that comes to your mind. Given a huge variety of descriptive essay topics, choose the one that is truly interesting for you and relevant to your personal experiences.
  • Do not use static words. If you want to sustain a reader’s attention, you need to make your ideas easy to follow. Dynamic and vivid language is essential to make it happen.
  • Do not just add an adjective after an adjective to describe a thing. There are way more tools to offer a graphic description to the audience.
  • Do not repeat the same words to describe something unless repetition is a creative tool you use.

A Reliable Descriptive Essay Writing Service

Descriptive writing is not a task that everyone can do. Some students lack the patience or writing skills to do it. Others might have other priorities to attend to. If you also do not want to work on your descriptive essay and could use some help, let handle it. We are a paper writing service with many years of experience, an excellent team, top-quality guarantees, and affordable rates. Our team of writers and editors works 24/7 to be able to assist students like you to perform better and can do any writing task for you. Be it a simple essay or a long research paper, you can rely on us.

Reasons to Buy Descriptive Essay from Us

There are many reasons why hiring the writers of is a smart solution to your academic hardships. The most important of them are:

  • Our prices are affordable. We offer some of the best quality-price ratios on the market of custom writing services and are happy that we can help so many students, including you.
  • We are never late. Whatever deadline you set for us, you can be sure to receive your essay within the given timeframe.
  • We guarantee anonymity. Your personal details are absolutely safe with us since we never share them with third parties.
  • Our teammates are real experts. We hire only the best of the best and assign writers to orders based on their qualifications and experience only.
  • There is 24/7 support. Our round-the-clock support is always there to answer your questions and requests. Reach out via email, phone, or live chat.
  • Plagiarism-free writing is our standard. Our writers create all papers from scratch for each and every customer. We also use plagiarism detection software to verify each paper’s originality.

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How to Order the Best Descriptive Essay

To buy an essay from us and receive the best result possible, complete the following simple steps. First, fill in our order form with your contact details and writing guidelines. Set a deadline, choose your academic paper and a preferred formatting style, and share the details of the task. The more you tell us, the better the paper will turn out to be. Next, pay for the services and stay in touch. You can check the progress of the order or talk to your writer anonymously in your account on our website. Finally, when the deadline expires, get your descriptive essay or any other piece and come back for more qualified writing help.

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