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“Who Am I” Essay Writing Tips

In this type of essay, a writer has to write about him/herself. It may seem easy at first glance. However, talking about oneself is not always as simp...

Posted in: Efficient Writing Help

Salary or Freelance Job: Which Is Better?

More and more people sink into a reverie whether freelancing is better than salaried employment. Actually, the answer is not simple. Both have pros an...

Posted in: Efficient Writing Help

Observation Essay

What Is an Observation Essay? An observation essay allows the reader “to look” at the experience that the author eye witnessed and then described...

Posted in: Efficient Writing Help

Exercise for Success: 4 Workout Habits of Successful People

High-fliers like Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and Elon Musk always seem put self-disciplined, determined, and well-informed. There are many things t...
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