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Exercise for Success: 4 Workout Habits of Successful People

High-fliers like Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and Elon Musk always seem put self-disciplined, determined, and well-informed. There are many things that contribute to this image: their exemplary work practices, dedication, and even work-out routines. Yes, that is right! All these people attribute their success, at least in part, to exercising regularly and with dedication. It has been proven in numerous studies that any kind of regular exercise makes people more productive and committed. Even Barack Obama does it, so why shouldn’t you? Here are several pieces of advice on how to get you started.

1. Set Clear, Achievable Goals

I will start running is an intention, not a goal. This is why it is so hard to drag yourself out of your bedroom early for the first time and even harder for the second. It is a much better idea to create a plan for a day with the details of your workouts. Your first exercising should be easy and enjoyable and you can gradually work towards increasing the difficulty. If you already have a planner or a calendar app just include your workouts there. If you do not, just set certain time aside and try to remember it. After a while you will start noticing changes that will make you keep going.


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2. Prioritise

We would all be a little better of if we could balance long term benefits of our actions and immediate satisfaction. It is clear that after working all day long the only thing most of us would like to do is to watch Netflix and relax. Unhealthy snacks are also quite delicious, while being really bad for you. The only things that can help you are focus and discipline. Always think for a second before doing something putting all your intentions through a kind of filter which will alleviate most unproductive habits you have right now.

3. Choose Accessible Ways of Exercising

Many huge Silicon Valley companies have facilities solely intended to promote health and exercising of the staff. Recently, many Fortune 500 companies have followed this trend. The reason is simple: healthier and more energised employees work better.

Perhaps, you work at a place that does not have in-house exercise rooms and the nearest gym is too far away from your regular commuting route. Nevertheless, you could start running around your block or look for instructional videos on Youtube. Choose a workout that truly suits your needs and circumstances.

4. Take care of your psychological needs

When you start working out, many people may turn out to be critical of your endeavor. Do not get discouraged. Success is often connected to overcoming the disapproval of others. Exercising releases chemicals into your brain, which can help with many psychological issues including depression; the very fact that you are working to make yourself a better person can increase your self-esteem and turn you into a happier, more confident person.

Always remember to balance your workouts with self-care and rest days. Good luck!


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