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Category: Management

Crisis Communication

IntroductionA crisis is any threatening situation that could harm an individual, people or a property. A crisis may gravely disrupt operations and damage the reputation of an organization or business. Characteristically, crises often come as a unique...

Effective Communication for Preschool Leaders

Communication is an essential tool in the working process of the preschool principal. There are various communication techniques and forms, which can be successfully applied in the named position. It is a mandatory element requiring communicative ski...

Performance Issues and Motivation

Contemporary companies go through a difficult way of development facing numerous problems and obstacles. It is a fact that an effective teamwork may bring the company to a new developmental stage and improve its performance (Baack, 2012). However,...

Where are They Now: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation, established in 1937 and headquartered in Toyota, Aichi prefecture, is the largest Japanese automotive corporation as well as the world’s largest car manufacturer. The company also provides financial services and has few ad...
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