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Effective Communication for Preschool Leaders

Free «Effective Communication for Preschool Leaders» Essay Sample

Communication is an essential tool in the working process of the preschool principal. There are various communication techniques and forms, which can be successfully applied in the named position. It is a mandatory element requiring communicative skills and effective methods of connection with internal and external sources. Preschool principal’s sphere of activity considers active interactions with both environments. Internal information is based on the communication with teachers, staff, cleaners, and security officers. It is necessary to establish effective relationships built on trust and understanding. The main elements of the routine interaction at workplace include administrative letters, information notices, security advisories, bulletins, circulars, and documents for comments. It is important to take into consideration personal opinions of the subordinates and give them a chance to take an active part in the effective management aimed to improve the level of a learning process. The majority of external sources of information include parents and policy makers. These two parties have more interactions with the principal than the other groups of society. This source of information involves similar communication forms including bulletins and documents for comments, information notices. However, it is possible to use website, press releases, emails, and newsletters for effective communication with an external auditorium.


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An effective working process of the principal is based on the effective communicative skills and relations with both sources of information. According to Wartheim (n.d.), “Communication is so difficult because at each step in the process there are major potential for error.” The common communication barriers include perceptual, language, physical, physiological, and psychological barriers. However, when it comes to the educational system and working environment in terms of school, these barriers are transformed. The work of the principal considers many interactions with different people. In this case, communication barriers include non-acquaintance with interlocutor, wrong method of communication, non-acquaintance with the situation, emotional issues, and ignorance. These barriers can harm the educational process completely and prevent the establishment of healthy relationships with both sides built on trust. The main solutions of these problems lie in the root of the communication tools. The first solution is to treat everyone with respect and listen to opinions. The position of the principal involves listening to people and taking into consideration their complaints and suggestions. Principle should also be aware of all the processes running within school in order to regulate the performance of the institution. Emotional issues should not take place in the process of interactions with companions. According to Zande (n.d.), “Staying mindful about what you say and do can prevent a host of communication problems.” A principle should show an example that reasonableness, tolerance, respect, and tact can be effective qualities to solve any problem. Moreover, anger and nervousness are destructive forces for the working process. The principal should also keep patience knowing that not everyone should agree with him. Parents and teachers can get emotional, but principle should be a source of patience in order to solve existing problems efficiently. Finally, five communication barriers have five solutions, which can be summed up in five communication strategies. These strategies mean to think before speaking, create appropriate communication environment, penetrate relationships with respect, be aware of the situation, and keep patience.

Feedback is the next important element in the work of the principal. It is required to stick to the opinion of teachers and parents in order to regulate the learning process. One of the most time-consuming tools to take into consideration opinions of both sides is to make questionnaires. At the same time, parents can leave their suggestions and opinions at school’s website. If there are fundamental questions, which require a personal meeting, then it is essential to make an appointment. In general, communication should be effective to bring benefits to the learning process of children.


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