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Category: Management

Nokia Organizational Change

Change Initiative to Be Researched The initiative of the chosen company, which is Nokia Inc., is to investigate the organizational change in terms of launching smartphones. The idea is to apply all the conceptions and theories towards change managem...

Establishing Possible Risks for the Money Cares Investment Corporation

Money Cares has fiduciary responsibility since it is an investment corporation. It also has the responsibility of safeguarding its investors’ money. Money Cares Investment Corporation is experiencing too much overspending.  The overspending is due...

Analysis of “Out of the Crisis”

Introduction Out of the Crisis is a book written by Edward Deming. Deming was a father of quality management evolution. Edward was a diversified person, he was a statistician, a lecturer, professor, an engineer, and, more important, he practiced man...

Strategic Plan for the Fire Service

Vision is a means that reveals the desired future. It helps to discover the future state of an organization or a person. Actually, vision shows where the organization/person should and can go. Creating a vision is a complex process that involves huge...
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