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Management Information Systems

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The spread of the Internet allows people to perform various tasks over the digital networks. For instance, the typical tasks performed by users include business communication, work, and entertainment. The ability for sending information over large distances in a split of a second allows people to carry out their tasks rapidly. At the same time, the Internet bears serious issues regarding the aspect of security. Thus, remote cameras and GPS systems allow tracking people without their awareness whereas digital money systems endanger bank accounts of millions of their users. Therefore, it is important to discuss the aspects of security of various issues connected with the Internet. Thus, this paper analyzes the issues of cybersecurity of an online gaming provider addressing important aspects of the information systems. Additionally, it presents evaluation of the biometric authentication technology. A comprehensive analysis of these aspects allows highlighting their crucial characteristics in terms of future development. Addressing these critical points would stimulate developers of cybersecurity software and hardware towards the creation of efficient defensive systems. Such systems would assure valid and relevant defense of networks, servers, and digital applications protecting society regarding various domains of its activity.

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Part 1

First, there is a need to consider the issues of cyber security regarding online gaming providers. The discussed problem involves the case of ABC Network Company that operates online game suites. About 16 million people in over 100 countries use its product, online games. Though the format of the selected games is defined as free-to-play, there is digital currency as well as digital assets from ABC. The examples of such assets are weaponry, armors and other inventory subjects allowing players surviving in the game process. Players can buy the described assets with the help of real currency, which is transferred to ABC via various digital payment systems. Additionally, the format of the game allows millions of players from all over the world accommodate in one online game simultaneously. Consequently, such Internet-based business requires performing the analysis of its activity. This analysis would serve as the basis for the update of the company’s digital security systems and enhancement of the security of the Internet-based business.

Furthermore, the proposed analysis incorporates a wide range of questions addressed to the technological process of the business. Thus, the two crucial questions are about the major threats that should be anticipated and the steps required for preventing damage to ABC’s web sites and operations. Consequently, Ifinedo (2015) defines such contextual factors for the continuity of the business as national wealth, transparency level, staff training, buyer sophistication and others. At the same time, there is a need for consideration of technological aspects of the problem. One presumes that hackers can create numerous tools for cheating data systems and getting extreme advantage in a game. Moreover, some of them may block the gaming servers or terminate gamers’ server sessions. The vivid example of these malicious attacks are a denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) ones. Bartholemy and Chen (2015) state that the danger from these threats is valid since the number of these attacks increases every year. The danger from these attacks is that they prevent servers’ regular functioning. As a result, users might be disappointed, which results in their refusal from gaming subscriptions. Moreover, hackers can reach the similar result through creating exploits and dynamic library injectors, affecting the continuity of the gaming process. Additionally, there are hackers who sell the malicious software of this type. The implication of these actions is persistent in-game presence of individuals, which ruin the gaming process by modified assets that are originally irrelevant. Moreover, there is a risk that these people may attempt intruding the persistency of the payment system endangering gamers’ accounts. Likewise, there is a threat of stealing gamers’ accounts because of weak consumer security protection systems. Therefore, one presumes that these factors should be addressed when developing the network security system policy of the company.

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As a result, companies should perform certain steps in order to protect their data, websites and the interests of their clients. In this perspective, the paper suggests introducing information protection systems regarding the aspects of payment and authenticity. Such systems should monitor the continuity of the connection and assure the authenticity of users and the client-side software. Moreover, the company requires establishing partnerships with the secure payment systems, such as PayPal, which would assure the safety of the finance sector. Moreover, the company should establish partnerships or buy products of the companies, which provide modern security solutions from DoS and DDoS attacks. As a result, these measures would assure the security of ABC’s information systems and assure the continuity of its operations.

Part 2

Modern companies tend to use biometric authentication as a means of assurance of the security of their information systems. The process of authentication permits getting access only to authorized users, which significantly raises the security of companies’ resources and data. This part of the paper analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the discussed technology. In case this means of authentication is properly established, it assures the highest level of security of the company.

First, before characterizing the technology of biometric authentication, there is a need for its definition. Thus, White, Pierce, and Gupta (2015) state that this process allows: capturing biometric data for a desired biometric type from an individual, determining an algorithm for converting the biometric data into authentication words, converting the captured biometric data into authentication words in accordance with the determined algorithm, including the authentication words in a probe, and comparing the probe against identity records stored in a server system.

Additionally, Phillips and Thiagarajan (2015) affirm that a client side of the devices with biometric authentication store individual biometric data and present it on demand. Such devices store information about the characteristics of a client’s or employer’s finger prints, eyes or voice.


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