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Category: Management

Organization Theory, Bureaucracy, and Public Management in a Time of Major Transformational Changes

Management of public organizations has raised discussions among various parties, ranging from scholars, researchers, public officials, and managers to heads of various public institutions. Public management is directed towards public sector organizat...

Managing Human Resources

Introduction In the modern times, characterized by modernization of various spheres of social activity, the problem of a school development has a special relevance, taking into account the environmental variables that accompany it. A school should u...

Activity-Based Costing

Introduction Most organizations experience various problems concerning the allocation of overheads. The activity-based costing method has come to be known as the perfect solution to this issue. There is a specific relationship between the concept of...

Critical Issues in Business

Introduction Nobody would argue with the fact that human resource is a comprising element of any business. The workforce is not just a group of people, who perform a particular job, but it is an entire set of processes, relations, and insights. That...
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