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Fire Extinguisher Training

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Use of fire extinguishers is a major part of fire fighting. To be able to put off fires correctly using the correct type of fire extinguisher, it is necessary to undergo training on fire extinguishers and their use. Fire extinguisher training is a necessary part of emergency praperedness that encompasses all the major aspects of firefighting. In this assignment, the point of focus will be at the training involving the correct use of different types of fire extinguishers. The ones that are trained about will also be highlighted.

Background Information and the Training Method

There are six types of fire extinguishers depending on the kind of fire they put out. These types range from class A to D. Some of the types combat more flammable fuels than others. Training on all the types of fire extinguishers is not only necessary for firefighters, but also occupants of the place that may potentially catch fire (HALL, 2013). This is because fires are usually never expected, but should, however, be anticipated in every place.


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In the training, the basic procedure of using all the six types of fire extinguishers and their content and maintenance practices are taught. The most notable lesson that is given is on the procedure of using fire extinguishers. First, when using all types of them, one is supposed to identify the source of the fire to know the suitable apparatus to use. However, when there are sprinklers installed in the building, it is necessary that one does not risk their life but let the sprinklers do their work. The standard procedure of using the extinguishers was to put on the emergency alarm and ensure there is a safe exit before trying to put out the fire. One is then supposed to select the correct type of instrument and employ using the PASS procedure. After putting off the fire, the person should move back, just in case the fire comes on again (HALL, 2013). If the extinguisher finishes, exit immediately. Also, leave the place if the fire burns beyond a manageable stage. All the steps are designed to ensure that the risk involved in the case of fire are minimal to the people around.

In the training, the necessary information about the fire is also given. These include the elements responsible for starting a fire, which include heat, oxygen, and fuel. From the training, the lessons learnt about the elements of fire are several. One of them is that there must be a source of heat to start a fire or for a fire to start. There must also be fuel to continue the fire and oxygen to facilitate combustion. This is important because without knowing the elements of fire it may be hard to identify the source of the fire.

The training is directly related to the safety of both people and things in the buildings of work and others because it was about how to use instruments that are used to put out fires. The methods used in training involve observation, questions, and answering techniques. The methods are used because of the shortage of the training material and the risk involved in letting learners who had never used fire extinguishers use them (International Fire Service Training Association, 1992). The trainer illustrates the utilization of the fire extinguishers, and the learners observe. After the lesson, the learners ask questions and the trainer answers.

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In summary, fire extinguisher training is the fire training about the use of fire extinguishers to put out fires. To understand the lessons of the training, trainees are usually also taught the basics of fire such as elements of fire. The training is, therefore, an important aspect of emergency preparedness that should be considered in all social and working places.


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