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Weather Events

Question 1 An air mass is a body of air that is exceptionally large. The body must have considerably uniform characteristics at a particular horizontal orientation as well as at any instantaneous altitude. The distinguishing factors taken into accou...

United States Botanic Garden

United States Botanic Garden is a famous botanical garden established on the grounds of the Capitol in Washington. It is a museum of live plants, officially recognized by the American Union of museums. It belongs to the Subsidiary federal agencies of...

Questions to Discuss with Your Fire Chief

How many response resources is the “right” amount for fire calls? For medical calls? What tells us that this is correct? Undoubtedly, the speed of fire department services, as well as any emergency services, is rather valuable. When people dial ...

Everybody’s Treasure

Cinnamon dates back as far as the Old Testament times, during which it was considered to be a genuine treasure – even more precious than gold (“Cinnamon, ground”). This flavoring agent was once available exceptionally to noble classes, but even...
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