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Category: Sociology

Confucianism and Its Effect on Social Life in China and Korea

Countries that are located in the same region often follow identical patterns in developing the structure of their social and political life. For instance, such states as China and Korea might seem similar to the people of the Western world, who do n...

Theory and Methodology of Criminology

          Theory and Methodology of Criminology Student’s Name Institution of Learning     Theory and Methodology of Criminology The theory of modern criminology has existed and developed in a rapidly c...

Science & Technology in Social Context

Introduction The concept of science is challenging to understand because most of the definitions limit its realization to a particular subject and processes. The research paper, therefore, discusses the aspect of science in the context of sociology ...

The Eugenics Movement

During the first three decades of the 20th century, a new branch of scientific approach to a human being and the existence of humanity appeared. Thus, the social and economic problems that America faced were caused by the Civil War. The fast growth o...
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