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Category: Healthcare

Services for People with Brain Injuries

Introduction According to the world statistics, today, the brain injury is one of the most widely spread traumas. It can be caused by both congenital and external factors under different circumstances. In the majority of cases, it causes various typ...

Assignment 3: Domestic Factors

Maryland’s experiment in healthcare reform contributed considerably to the states’ and country’s progress. Using data-centric and innovative methods, local leaders managed to make Western Maryland Regional Medical Center a real cornerstone in t...

Incidence and Prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity in Relationship to Pressure Ulcer Healing

Introduction Nowadays much attention is paid to the assessment of the effectiveness of the healing methodologies and the combining of healing methodologies of various health conditions for the determination of positive effect of this combination and...

Postnatal (Postpartum) Depression

Introduction Giving birth and raising an infant is a life-changing event that is often accompanied with the responsibility of taking care of the new life. However, despite the joy of bringing new life to the world, to some mothers such experience ca...
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