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My Philosophy of Nursing

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There is no doctor down the hall, no call button on the wall, no equipment at your fingertips. A person must have the assessment skills and knowledge to act quickly and appropriately and navigate through cluttered, pet and family filled environments. Home care is not practiced within a structured environment, and nurses are only guests in their patient’s home. However, nurses are people who treat patients not only through medicine, but also support, advice, and care.

My philosophy of nursing comes directly from my immense desire to help people. I have always wanted to be a nurse as I really enjoy spending time with people and help them when they need it. I get internal satisfaction from serving those in need. Once, I got a chance to work as a volunteer for a hospital. It was a challenging and difficult task, but, at that time, I realized that I would like to be a nurse. I am convinced that not only medicine is a cure for ailments. Care is what patients really need in hospitals and at homes. I think that I can make a great difference in people’s lives helping them, as well as providing support and care. 

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I follow the philosophy that our health is all in our mind. I believe in a caring theory that states that there would be no patients if everyone would understand what is needed to help them. From my point of view, true caring for patients is a way of showing a transpersonal caring relationship between a nurse or caretaker and a patient. I find that it is essential to ensure a proper atmosphere and environment for quick recovery. A patient should feel safe, secure, and soothing in his/her room. Therefore, spirituality is vital in the profession of nursing.

I am convinced that health, as simple as it is, is the absence of disease in the body. However, health includes balance and harmony between body, soul, and mind. It means that all patients should be told pleasant and soothing things. In addition, a good mood of people who surround them and pleasant atmosphere will definitely make patients feel better and cured. Patients feel much better and healthier in case they believe positively to be healthy. It means that doctors and nurses should tell their patients that they are healthy and show good results on the way to recovery. Patients’ beliefs make them recover, feel better, and find harmony within their body, mind, and soul. It enhances quicker recovery and improves overall health.

According to Helms (2008), a nurse is a person who shares people’s “joys, pains and life experiences” (p. 23). I have learned much about myself. My experience and beliefs helped me to become the person I am today. I am thankful for the opportunity to help people. My patients enable me to grow professionally and learn from them.

I believe that nursing is not only taking care of patients, helping out doctors, and doing routine tasks. I am convinced that nursing is an art that requires a combination of proper education, skills and talent. Care is the key aspect of the nursing profession. Nurses should demostrate moral ideals which preserve human dignity. Therefore, nurses should help patients to find a deeper meaning in their diseases and suffering, as well as to understand themselves and be able to restore or promote their personal balance and harmony. Thus, I follow the idea that nurses need to be consciously engaged in caring for patients, providing them with support, and to be ready to promote health and healing. Nurses should have a desire to help others and be ready to sacrifice their time for the sake of those in need.


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