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How to Quit Smoking

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Smoking has been known to humanity for thousands of years; it is and always was a way of relaxation and some kind of pleasure that, however, results in the serious problems with health. Nowadays, many people start smoking as teens, and this destructive habit stays with them forever.

The same thing happened to me. My first cigarette was offered to me by one of the friends from my company, who assured that it was fun and cool. If everybody smokes and feels good, why not to join them? Not long after, I realized that it was better not to start smoking at all because it probably was the worst mistake in my life. The first cigarette, then another one, and one more, and you are already a permanent smoker.

During few years, I have tried to quit smoking for a couple times. However, my attempts were hopeless, because the majority of my friends were smokers who kindly shared their cigarettes with me every time they smoked. Therefore, it was extremely hard to leave off smoking while everyone was persuading me that it was not necessary. Only parents supported me, but it was not enough.

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Finally, I quit this habit seven months ago. It was a long and challenging process; today, I am proud to state that I coped with collecting myself and giving up poisoning my organism. Nevertheless, I do not want to stop and rest on the laurels. My aim is to persuade my friends that they should quit smoking because the amount of tobacco they consume every day is truly destructive. I consider myself a perfect example to prove that life can change dramatically after you drop, and it is important for me to help other people choose the healthy way of life.

My process of quitting started with the clear idea of what I want to achieve. Unless you have a strong vision of non-smoking you, nothing will help. I started a diary where I wrote down a clear plan of actions, and completed each stage one after another.

First, I bought a box where I was to put five dollars every time I could not refuse smoking. It was a good motivation because I did not own much money, and giving away five dollars for every smoked cigarette would not be pleasant. After one week, I saved 50 dollars, and realized that I would better buy something to eat than smoke another cigarette. I think it was a good method because I just had no choice; I could either eat or smoke cigarettes and stay without a lunch.

After the first challenge, I added another one. I promised to buy a candy to my small sister every time I smoke. According to the fact that she is not allowed to eat candies too often, it was the strongest motivation for me not to smoke. I understood that every cigarette I smoke would harm not only my health but also the health of my sister. Being responsible for someone else was the very thing that gave me strength to move forward. I broke down only once, gave a candy, and felt a deep shame. It did not happen again.

The third challenge was to start working out regularly. The goal was not to build muscles but to concentrate on something else than smoking and train my endurance. I guess this task was the easiest one, but I enjoyed it a lot. I felt like my heart and lungs started functioning better because I both left off my bad habit and started doing sports.

Talking about the most difficult aspects of the process, I would say that the responsibility for my sister was the most awful one. I was torn between my desire to smoke and knowing that I have to buy a candy and harm my sister’s health if I take a single cigarette. However, the most awful challenge appeared to be the most effective one; it prevented me from smoking for many times and gave me a chance to overcome the dependence.

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This process has taught me that everything is possible if we just try hard to achieve it. To quit smoking is as difficult as to lose weight; people want to do it but do not have enough will or motivation to give up smoking or eating and suffer from own inability. Laziness and incertitude destroy human life, not letting people follow their dreams. To quit smoking was not even a dream but a necessary change that I could not bring to my life. A harsh discipline and responsibility were my guides to success.

I also realized that people should think before doing something. In such a manner, my consent to try the first cigarette took away a part of health that would never be recovered again. Such small moments influence our life to the full extent, and I would recommend everyone not to try smoking at all. Nobody knows for how long this habit will come to your life, and how much health it will take away. Many people even require treatment or consult with psychologists, but their help does not last for a long period. Smoking is extremely addictive; people realize that it is not healthy but still keep smoking. That is why I want to help my friends, and my personal experience can be the best evidence that it is possible to quit if you have a strong will.


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