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AT&T’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Telecommunication companies all over the world provide fixed and mobile telephone services. Each enterprise develops a particular approach to its business operations in order to gain loyalty of customers and develop a general vision of the company’...


In the modern world, social position of the company has an increasing influence on its reputation, image and, therefore, company's profit. Assessing company’s activities, the society considers not only production and financial indicators but also h...

Responsibility Audit Report

The beauty and personal care industry in Japan is performing successfully. There are the big market and the high demand for the product. Sales of these products amounted to almost $15 billion. The Shiseido, Kanebo and Kose cosmetic companies are the ...

Business Finance Essay: Investments & Jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area

In the contemporary business world, the methods used to finance startups have diversified as a result of technological advancement. Two main ways of funding that demonstrate a difference from the conventional means include crowdfunding and angel inve...
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