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Students Dating Online Pros and Cons

Online relations become more popular and engaging with the course of time. Such a tendency is provoked by the lack of time because of study, work, and other activities that constitute their daily routine. It is especially relevant for the students who have a huge number of seminars, home assignments, and even part-time jobs. It means, face-to-face communication, meeting each other in a real world, becomes a challenge.

Let me briefly dwell on the major advantages and disadvantages of dating online.


Wide Choice

Nowadays online dating is possible due to a wide variety of social networks and even web sites solely dedicated to dating. What can be easier? You spend several minutes to register, upload the photos, which depict the most awesome side of you, and save the ultimate embarrassment and awkwardness of the first minutes of getting acquainted. There are no barriers or restrictions here, you can express yourself as you wish and freely search the type of relationship you are really eager to have. Just click and get started!

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You can be anonymous if you wish. You can hear or see another person in the most convenient time – when you are ready. There is no need to pretend, and you can quit communication online whenever a person disappoints you or starts seeming weird.


There are many different stories about those who met online and then got married. Nonetheless, primarily this is just a sweet legend, so do not forget that fairy tales are not our daily routine and be ready that the first guy you meet online may fail to be a Prince Charming (and vice versa!).


No Responsibility

Yep, that’s what makes online dating so convenient! No guarantees, no promises, no responsibilities! On the other hand, it is better to spare the part of illusions and get realistic here. Nobody communicates only with one person online, just as nobody is as sweet in real life as he or she is here. Please, do not be naïve and make sure you are not falling in love because of nice words and groundless promises!

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It Can Take Much Time

Some users of such web sites literally live there! Others tend to spend 2-3 hours each day chatting, hoping, and waiting. Apparently, those people are scarcely efficient in real life. Take your time and think about it! Chatting online may be an obsession, a time-killer, or a substitution for another obsession. Be careful! Plan your daily chores, live a real life!


Do not idealize a person until you meet him or her and spend some time together. People tend to wear masks in real life, and online gives them even more opportunities.

Dating online is just an alternative, and it is up to you to use it if you manage both a real life and a digital reality, a hope for the better and a prudent attitude. Good luck!


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