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Personal Essay on Love is All You Need

When it comes to describing the brightest, the most powerful and inspiring feeling in the world, it will definitely be love. We cannot but admit that we yearn for love despite our age, gender, race, nationality or religion. Since the very beginning of humankind, people have sought for this magnificent feeling and continue their search these days as well. Many songs have been composed in the name of love, many movies have been filmed, many heroic deeds have been fulfilled, and so many hearts were broken because of it. Love is ubiquitous but it does not always evoke the feeling of elation, and yet we believe that it is all we need in life.

Love has so many shades and sides: you can love your family, your children, your friends, your beloved one, your pets, your country or your devotion in life but each and every of this “I love” has different tinge. What you feel to parents and offspring is caring, selfless love without any deception whereas love between two, a couple is more intimate, passionate feeling, affection, so to say, that unites two souls into one. Undoubtedly, we can also mention the sense of enormous gratitude and loyalty we experience to our motherland, and we also call it love.

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This magical feeling has penetrated into all corners of life, so wherever you go, whatever you do, you will inevitably encounter love in all its displays. Without exaggeration, for me, there is nothing more important in life than this feeling. Love inspires me to welcome every day with the big smile, enjoy every new morning and every new little thing like the flower blossom or long-awaited rain on hot summer day. Love evokes the desire to care more about my family members, or friends, or even strangers. Love impels to commit selfless deeds for those who are in need or have never been lucky enough to experience this feeling in their life. Love is the only thing that makes me open myself to the world and wish to embrace it with all its imperfections and disappointments.

No matter how multifaceted it is, deep inside we all wait for that moment when we will immerse completely into passionate love to him or her. For years the only source of this all-consuming love for me was the world of books, and I had no clear clue what it is really about until I met my first true love. All the feelings before that, all descriptions and manifestations in movies and books were not even close to what I felt when I fell over hills in love with my man.

The language despite all its richness and flamboyance cannot describe this feeling completely and I believe it is unnecessary on my behalf to do that. What I can say for sure is that love is the feeling you have to enjoy, so grasp the object of your affection and never let him or her go because that is what your soul really needs.


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