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Informational technologies influence nearly all spheres of human activity. Particularly, the presence of Internet technology in human life affects persons’ career decisions. The Internet provides a wide range of job opportunities in the first place. Apart from that, the Internet makes the process of searching for job offers easier. However, many people come across some challenges while using the Internet to search for a job. Clearly, some aspects did not change even under the circumstances of the Internet existence. All things considered, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet-powered job searching is needed to ensure a better understanding of people’s career decisions, recruitment process, and job searching process itself.

Part 1: How Has the Internet Impacted the Process of Job Searching?

How Does the Internet Facilitate Job Hunting?

The Internet technologies are assumed to have influenced the employment process in the first place (Golson, 2009). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the assumed amount of 1.2 million information technology jobs were lost in 2009 (Golson, 2009). Thus, under the circumstances of labor market crisis many people might have been using any tool at their disposal that could have made the process of searching for job offers easier (Golson, 2009). Networking has proved itself to be one of the most effective ways of searching for a job. The practice of social networking and particularly, the popularity of such resources as LinkedIn and Twitter, are gaining momentum (Golson, 2009). Business models, career sites, resume finders, and applicant tracking systems facilitate job search and recruitment processes to a greater extent (Coombs, 2013). It happens so mostly because of the Internet’s capacity to store the large volumes of information and process it in split seconds. Overall, the Internet has revolutionized people’s living patterns and lifestyle. The Internet provides unique communication opportunities. As the models and means of communication change, so do the educational and job searching options and opportunities.


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What Is More Challenging in the Job Search Process Because of the Internet?

A job offer is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and it does not make sense without additional research on the specialization of a company one looks for employment with (Anderson, n.d.). This presupposes that one risks missing some important details when using Internet technology to search for a job. In other words, the Internet stores unprecedentedly large volumes of information, which may spoil a person from focusing on important things. When it comes to a job search, the foregoing principle applies to the specific fields of institution’s activity that applicants tend to leave out of account.

Reflecting on the challenges associated with the use of Internet technology in job searching and recruitment, Jordon Golson (2009) points out the following: “The Internet is definitely making a huge impact on how we search for jobs, but … the ease of sending out shotgun blasts of résumés and hoping one hits the right recruiter is making things much more difficult”. In addition, it cannot be denied that in some way, placing a resume and/or portfolio online is nothing but a chance. Thus, one of the primary challenges in the Internet-powered job search process is the fact that one can never know whether their attempt to find a job online will be successful or not.

Part 2: What Elements of Job Searching Remain the Same Despite the Existence of the Internet?

Even though nowadays it enjoys very little if any popularity, job fairs practice does exist these days, and it has proved itself to be effective and useful, especially for youngsters. Apart from that, one can still come across some job offers when scanning through the pages of a newspaper. On the other hand, with or without the Internet, job seekers spend a lot of time sending resumes and applying for jobs (Anderson, n.d.). As the modern world is an increasingly technology-driven world, being familiar with the IT technologies is encouraged by all means. The existence of the Internet did not change the paradigm of corporate ethics and particularly, the paradigm of employer-employee relationships. It cannot be denied, though, the Internet has made the aforementioned aspects stricter. Lastly, people, who do not use the Internet to search for a job and later to work, have the equal employment opportunities, apply for it, and become employed, if compared to those who do not use it.

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Concluding Statements

The use of the Internet in searching for a job has its positive and negative aspects. Some may reckon the Internet has been a great leap forward, and there are some reasonable arguments, reasons to think like that. Personally, I am inclined to think that the Internet has dehumanized communication between people to a greater extent. In this respect, it should be noted that the opportunities and advantages of the Internet should be used with caution and measure. The Internet is a tool that makes people’s lives easier. The Internet can be viewed as a tribute to the process of development of science and technology. Career opportunities and the process of searching for a job have changed under the influence of Internet technology. Evidently, many people may find using the Internet to search for a job extremely challenging. Using the Internet for individual profit is associated with a great deal of ethical, technological, and scientific implications. Internet technologies have seriously and directly interfered with men’s lives. Labor, corporate ethics, and employment process, in this respect, can be viewed as, perhaps, one of the brightest examples of the impact of Internet technologies. When it comes to searching for a job, the Internet has some opportunities to offer and generally, the web makes the searching process itself easier. On the other hand, some may find it difficult to orient oneself in large volumes of information stored online and learning how to use different applications and programs. Lastly, it is beyond any doubt, a good thing that there are still some aspects of human life the Internet is incapable of changing.


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