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Category: Technology

Investment in Technology

Introduction In the framework of the modern world, the ultimate factor in the market development is the volume and the nature of the investment in technology. The governments of numerous developed countries are interested in actively developing the ...

Malware Trends

Introduction 1.1 Research Background People use computers for multiple purposes. For example, they do business, buy products and services, communicate, browse social networks, look for information, watch videos, carry out transactions, and many oth...

Job Search Report

Information Informational technologies influence nearly all spheres of human activity. Particularly, the presence of Internet technology in human life affects persons’ career decisions. The Internet provides a wide range of job opportunities in the...


Part one. Apple Inc is the largest corporation that specializes in developing and selling electronic devices. It travelled a long way to become the one of the best companies in the world generating original content and pushing forward technological ...
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