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Free «Telecommunication» Essay Sample

Part one.

Apple Inc is the largest corporation that specializes in developing and selling electronic devices. It travelled a long way to become the one of the best companies in the world generating original content and pushing forward technological progress. A lot of factors help Apple flourish and be on the rolls.

Some of the factors that have contributed to the success of the Apple iTunes include Apple first mover advantage, representing unmatched user experience. Digits rights administration, the presence of network effects (the effect one customer of a commodity or services has on the value of that service for another customer), and the client lock-in are among the greatest inventions of the company. iTunes border was appealing and in-built, while iTunes desktop coordinated a song between a user’s laptop, iPod, and the iTunes music store almost effortlessly.

Digital technology has aided the use of iTunes in the field of downloading and playing music thus giving it competitive advantage over the rivals. Long tail has lately come forward denoting the distributive strategy of selling a lot of unique products, while separately these products are not sold abundantly. Long-tail keywords are very specific which present an advantage in search marketing because usually, to a greater degree, function key phrases indicate higher buying commitment.  


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The imposition of higher switching costs on iTunes has helped Apple Inc. retain customers. They discourage customers from switching between technologies. Finally consumers continue to derive satisfaction from the iTunes, and, therefore, are reluctant to switch. Besides, the enormous money spent obtaining iTunes and other products of Apple Inc. discourages customers from leaving the product to another considering the advantages derived from it. Sunk costs, therefore, plays a role in retaining customers.

In conclusion, Apple iTunes remains a number one in the field of digital technologies. The corporation achieved this status by well co-coordinated work of foremost authorities, economic concepts and implementation of innovative approach.

Part two.

The influencing nature of the information and communication technologies and the services presented by them, along with large prizes draw, complement telecom sector that attracts a lot of attention from policymakers.  Telecommunication has an effect on both how people perceive the government and how they vote for their leaders. Some laws and policies have been drafted to regulate the telecommunication industry. Politics also affects the funding of the telecommunications operations and enacts the type of the telecommunication to be used in the country since it is mostly funded by the government.

Social norms refer to the way of people’s life. They affect the choice of communication method and also the advancement of telecommunication. Some people prefer one mode of telecommunication to the other, and some may not use any at all. Advancement of telecommunication therefore depends on how particular people will feel about it and embrace it as well. The social setting of a separate place directly influences the system.

Economy also impacts on telecommunication. In countries where the economy is well-developed, these systems are very advanced unlike in developing countries. The cost of installing the system, as well as preserving it is very expensive. The concept may not be welcomed by a country that is yet emerging or, alternatively, the country may opt for a cheaper mode.  Thus, economy has effects on the growth of telecommunication sector. The cost of telecommunication is very high and therefore can only be afforded by people who are moneyed.

Technology has a direct influence on the telecommunication. The more established technology is, the more advanced the telecommunication is. The level of technology influences on the method of telecommunication to be used. Countries with higher technology use advanced methods of telecommunication. Therefore, the level of technology must always be on a par with the level of telecom.

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In conclusion, four factors, namely, social norms, economy, politics, and technology influence telecommunication in one way or the other either positively or negatively.


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