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Category: Analysis

Invisible Man

After the first publication of Invisible Man after the Second World War, American literature was reshaped entirely. It developed a variety of problems and themes with deep emotional and symbolical context. Individual identity faced complicated obstac...

Time Perception

Nowadays, time seems to pass faster than ever. The technology and electronics development has helped humans to outsource many functions that have been previously performed only manually. As a result, today people are enjoying over-productiveness and ...

Defining Problems and Putting into Context

Introduction Framing a problem in the proper context involves two main things. First, the problem must be identified. The problem at hand is fear of increased air pollution that would arise if the Los Angeles harbor in San Pedro bay, California, is ...

Ang Lee and Queer Subjects: Hulk

For a filmmaker who has dealt with a range of genres, from nuanced literary American to iconic CGI-driven super heroics, from minor Chinese-language comedies to Kung-fu actions, it is easier to spot a film directed by Ang Lee. The Taiwanese-born and ...
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