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Technology and Communication

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After the discovery of the first telephone in the world by Alexander Graham Bell, the industry of telecommunication began to develop. Starting from that time, numerous modifications and advancements have been made resulting in cheaper and faster methods of telecommunication (Priest 11). The advancements in computer technology have resulted in a highly personalized communication among people regardless of the physical distance between them. Unlike the mid-twentieth century, when only few people could access computers, the 21st century has seen a great proportion of the world population own personal computers. Therefore, a great deal of the world population use computer-aided communication tools to pass or receive information from any corner of the globe (Priest 7). However, due to such ease of communication, people lose personal contacts, because they tend to interact with their friends, build new relationships, and even shop online.

According to, Facebook and Twitter have at least 900 million and 310 million users respectively (Seal 11). These social media platforms have sophisticated features that support video calls, instant messages, and picture exchange. Such features have enabled users to experience high level of interaction thus eliminating the need of physical contact. For instance, the video call tools allow users to have a real-time experience of a conversation. On the other hand, instant messages permit the user to send instant text messages through a computer (Kumi 2). Various security features offered by these social media platforms assure users of confidentiality of their information hence making them highly rely on its efficiency in passing even confidential messages that would otherwise require physical contact. Generally, these features make communication complete. However, the communication remains virtual and such aspects as physical touch and smell may never be realized.

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Such services as dating can be accessed through a computer by signing up to any of the numerous dating service websites. According to, 33% of couples in the world met online, and the figure might escalate to 70% by the year 2040. Through these sites, people can browse until they find their date match (Seal 4). These dating sites further provide sophisticated personalized means of communication, which help bring relationships to a new level. Some dating websites even provide online sex services (Davis 23). As a result, dating relationships can grow to become very strong despite the distance between people or the lack of physical contact.

Furthermore, telecommunication has revolutionized another sphere of people’s lifestyle. Traditional approach to shopping that entailed walking into a supermarket or any market place to buy goods and services no longer exists. Before technological revolution, shoppers enjoyed guidance and interaction with a salesperson in the shop. The sellers also used to get an opportunity to meet their customers, where they could exchange valuable information face-to-face. However, this shopping practice is fast coming to an end due to the emergence of online market places. Such online facilities as,, and provide excellent services including doorstep delivery (Stone 8). With these sites, most people tend to do their shopping online. For instance, Amazon draws 162 million distinctive customers every single month. Consequently, they by-pass the seller-buyer interactions at the sales point (Stone 16). Additionally, one can buy books on for a lifetime without having any physical interaction with any of the amazon employees. Although online shopping offers an excellent time-saving experience, it kills the point of sale buyer-seller interaction.

In conclusion, computers and tablets undoubtedly offer unbeatable features that significantly improve human interaction communication. The communication services that are accessible through these technological tools not only save time, but also overcome geographical barriers of communication. As a result, these tools have drawn much attention, especially in dating, shopping, and the other forms of virtual interaction (Norris 37). However, the increased use of these gadgets has resulted in the loss of personal interaction, especially physical touch experiences. Personal contact has gradually been lost as people continue to create strong bond with their virtual world that seems to satisfy all their needs. Although computer technology comes with great benefits, humans need to protect and safeguard the human nature that is propagated through maintaining personal interaction. Furthermore, people must always remember that face-to-face communication is still relevant. As J.F. Kennedy once said, “Human being is still the most astonishing PC altogether” (Logsdon 12).


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