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How to Make Your Memory Work Better

Nowadays, people tend to suffer from deterioration of their mental capacity. There are various reasons why such phenomenon develops. Continuous stress conditions, lack of attentiveness as well as aging characteristics often lead to memory loss. Being a natural process, memory loss can’t be cured. Though, there are effective techniques that may help you to keep and recall your memories for longer time and to increase your brain’s productivity.

Strengthen Your Memory through Meditation

Highly popular all over the world, meditation prevents people, who practice this activity, from memory loss. It helps to light up memory storage centers and focus on vital details necessary while recalling some piece of information. In other words, meditation trains and strengthens our mind, recovering the gaps in memory that might have occurred.

Enhance Long-Term Memory with Caffeine

The researchers from Johns Hopkins University prove that caffeine promotes certain memories and eliminates forgetting up to 24 hours after consuming 100 to 300 milligrams of caffeine. So you may try consuming the suggested dozes of caffeine per day in order to increase the productivity of your memory, though, be aware of possible side effects because of caffeine overuse!

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A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Another good tip to improve your memory and control your thinking is to exercise! It is scientifically proved that the prefrontal and medial temporal cortexes have bigger volume in people who go in for sport in comparison to those who don’t. Regular exercises boost the size of hypothalamus, which protects you from memory loss and makes it work better.

Sleep Well in Order to Preserve Your Memory

One more extremely effective tool to preserve your memory is simply to sleep well. Researches show that deep sleep is important to consolidate our memories. Actually, sleep solidifies the information we perceive and transfers it from the short-term memory storage to the long-term. Remember about the adequate sleep in order to stay precise.


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