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How To Change Negative Thoughts For Success

There are myriads of self-help gurus who maintain that telling yourself positive statements all the time can change your life for the better and repeating that you are a successful individual will contribute to the disappearance of your fears. Once you have tried this technique, you are aware that it is complicated to maintain such a habit. Positive affirmation works the first 10 or 20 minutes, but the rest of the day, your brain recalls old pessimistic thoughts that were deeply ingrained in your mind. Such a problem occurs because positive phrases operate on the surface,while the discouraging ones live in the subconscious. It implies that even if you repeat yourself that you are successful, your subconscious will remind you about your past mishaps.

The thing is that it is our nature to encounter different feelings, varying from devastation and guilt to satisfaction and joy. Undoubtedly, thinking over negative emotions turns out to be an unpleasant experience while persuading yourself that everything is wonderful appears to be a temporary repair.

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Unreasonable optimistic thoughts may cause a self-destructive downward spiral, especially, for those who are susceptible to stress and anxiety. Indeed, according to the research, for people with high self-esteem, positive self-statements serve as an encouraging tool, whereas it works vice versa for other individuals.

Although the technique of self-encouragement is not assistive for everyone, the following strategies may teach you how to make self-talk work for your needs.

Get Yourself Out from Being Down in the Dumps

Kick off with admitting thoughts that discourage you, including those that have any purpose, except for puzzling you. Instead, say such statements as “I forgive myself for putting off” or “It is fine for me to hit the roof,” which aid in opening up your suppressed feelings and emotions. If you stop blaming yourself for being lazy or inattentive, you will have more time and energy to deal with a required project or task.

Interrogative Self-Talk

According to the conducted research, self-inquiry will more likely change the situation than a command. When you come up with an inner accusation, consider how you can turn a statement into a question. Such a strategy gives a hint to exploration. Take into account the following examples:

  • Do I really want to do what it takes?
  • Did I have similar experiences?
  • What if [the worst possible situation] occurs?

Interrogative self-talk enhances the functioning of the brain’s problem-solving areas and boosts your innate originality. In such a way, you replace the negative thoughts and fear with curiosity and interest.

Concentrate on Progress Instead of Perfection

If you are willing to reframe your way of thinking, focus on who you become, particularly considering the current progress. Instead of repeating that you are wonderful, tell yourself that you attempt to be more conscious about how you perform your duties. It implies that you move towards personal growth, giving credit for your development.

If you are susceptible to negative thoughts and do not believe in the power of self-affirmations, consider the reframing strategies given above.


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