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Category: Research

Globalization Project

Globalization became a common phenomenon in the late twentieth century. It is the period when the world became more interconnected and shared more aspects in economic and cultural fields. There was a growing interdependence among countries. Contempor...

Case Study for Media Artefact

Various types of entertainment play a crucial role in the modern life. The main goal of entertainment is to engage people in different activities, including sport, dance, and games. The activities have a positive effect on the people’s mood and hea...

The Rhetoric of Nuclear Power

Introduction As clean and cheap source of energy that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and exhaust natural resources, nuclear plants present an appealing alternative to fossil fueled sources of energy. However, over the last two decades, ...


One of the best studies is the study of civilizations, their culture and their religion. The interest comes in the understanding that each society has its origin, religion and principles. For example, one of the societies that have a rich religious h...
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