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Category: History

The Role Played by Trade in the History of Sino-European Relations from Yuan Times to the Opium Wars

The Yuan era was one of high cultural accomplishments, including developments of the Chinese books and plays with the improved use of the written language….

Women in an Expanding Nation: Consolidation of the West, Mass Immigration, and the Crisis of the 1890s

Table of Contents Power and Politics:  Women in the Progressive Era, 1900-1920- Through Women’s Eyes Chapter 8 Focus Questions Change and Continuity: Women in Prosperity,…

Advancement of Feminists

Women’s movements for equality were an international phenomenon, but scope, character, forms of the movements, and rhetoric of feminists were determined by the specific socio-political…

The Rise of Islam

Islam was initiated by Prophet Mohammed when he encountered Archangel Gabriel on Mount Hira. He later preached the words of Allah at the Mecca city…
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