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Research Paper Outline Templates

Can you imagine what our life would be like if everyone tried to invent the same things over and over again? If everyone were like, “Yes, I see that you have a car that has four wheels, but I will not use a car unless I come up with my own wheels and engine and everything!” Similarly, how miserable the life of students would be if they had to write all their papers from scratch with no examples to rely on! Fortunately, we are not that stupid, we have templates! Templates are the drawn up structures that you can use to insert the necessary info in a certain order.

Examples of Outlines for Research Papers

There are all kinds of research paper outline templates and examples on the Internet. However, you should be very cautious and work only with reliable sources when surfing the web. If you use a misleading template, your professor will not appreciate that. Of course, people are different, but we doubt that using unreliable sources is a good idea.

Research Outline Template

We hope that you have already understood that if you make a minor mistake in the structure of your research paper and research paper outline, you will get a lower grade even if the content and ideas are great. You should not allow yourself to make such mistakes. Here is a simple structure that you can use to draft a template:

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Title 1, followed by subtitle 1, followed by subtitle 2, and so on;

Title 2, followed by subtitle 1, followed by subtitle 2, and so on;

Title 3: the list offered below can be used for the body of a five-paragraph essay. It can be also used to write the chapters:

  • Introduction
  • History review and background
  • Methods which were used to complete the research
  • Results
  • Investigation and critical analysis
  • Final output
  • Conclusion

The structure offered above can be applied to most types of essays. However, it is highly advisable to consult your professor before you start writing. Remember that sometimes professors can come up with different requests that students should follow.

Format of the Outline

If you have already searched the Internet on the topic, you probably know that there are different essay outline formats. Before you decide to select one, you have to see if they are consistent with the requirements for your essay or research paper. Outline format of the research paper is usually standardized; however, as we have mentioned above, slight differences may be present due to different reasons (the peculiarity of the topic, the professor’s advice, etc.)

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