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Research Paper about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most important social issues in the USA. It becomes crucial not only in our country, but also in other countries of the world. What does domestic violence mean? Actually, there are several types of this kind of violence. Among them are exploitation of siblings, abuse of elders, offence of a wife or a husband, abuse of a child, etc. There are many names that refer to domestic violence. They are violence in the family, beating of a wife or a child, as well as domestic abuse. The abuse of spouse means abuse that comes from the partner you date with or the marital partner in relationships that are intimate. Frankly speaking, domestic violence is not always the physical one, but it includes any actions that lead to total control of a person by using verbal or physical assaults.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue of sociology because it influences dramatically on the people who suffer from it. As a matter of fact, men and women can cause domestic violence. However, males are more likely to do this because they are stronger than females. The origin of domestic violence, various types of it, and how to prevent it will be explained in this essay.
Domestic violence dates back to those periods when man appeared. As soon as life was created, dominant people took advantage of the inferior ones in society. Usually, women were victims since they were not that strong and powerful as men.


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Nowadays domestic violence is quite frequently met in households. Nevertheless, people don’t do much in order to stop it. In fact, there isn’t only one certain cause that results in this type of violence. Having researched different causes of violence on the domestic level, one can admit that primarily it begins with a person who wants to take under control another one.

Stress is one of the most popular causes of domestic violence. Those people who don’t have a job, take drugs, drink too much alcohol, or have little money are more prone to become stressful and abuse their relatives. In addition, there are some situations when children suffered in their childhood, thus they begin to abuse other people. According to statistics, almost all people who were victims of abuse in childhood do the same when they become adults. These factors are the major ones that can lead to domestic violence.

There are a few types of violence. The name of the first one is physical abuse that implies anything that can hurt a person physically. The second one is when you injure the victim on the emotional level by constantly saying some awful words. Sexual abuse is the third type. It means forcing a person to have sex when he/she is not eager to do this. In spite of the fact that there are various kinds of abuse, they are all harmful in some way.

Our state has done a great job in order to solve this problem by creating numerous organizations that deal with social welfare and provide counseling services and hotlines. However, there is still much to do.


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