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The period when you apply to a college or university is particularly important in your life because it is the time when you need to decide what you are going to do with your life. To become a valuable asset in the educational institution chosen, you will need to write a worthy personal statement in which you will showcase your strengths, achievements, and motivation. If you aren’t sure you can write this paper well, you should just contact our personal statement writing service with the words “please, write a personal statement   for me” and we will provide you with a document that will help you make the right impression on the admission committee members.

The admission process is a truly challenging and effort-consuming part of your life. However, you can make it easier by delegating writing an application essay to a professional team working at our service. If you think that you can write a good personal statement in an hour or two, you aren’t right. Although this paper is pretty short, you cannot underestimate its importance because it defines your graduate and postgraduate experience. If you want to make admission officers enjoy reading your personal statement essay  , you need to make it interesting, engaging, and well-structured. Such an essay should inform your reader about not only your ambitions and career aspirations but also about the skills and competencies that will enable you to become a successful student. If you check some personal statement for college application samples, you will see that they are written in accordance with certain criteria. In case you are afraid that your writing skills aren`t good enough to come up with an impressive statement of your strengths, you should outsource this task to our writing company. Just drop us a line saying “write my personal statement for me,” and we will do our best to make your academic success closer.

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What Is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a type of essay that is used as one core component of the application process by most universities and colleges (highly selective schools in particular). Its length can vary, but most personal statements that are written for Coalition or Common App are usually close to 650 words, providing the readers with the sense of who you are and what your values are.

The personal statement has to present the skills, qualities, and values that you have developed over your life and how they’ve helped you prepare for attending college. This paper is your chance to tell your college or university all about you. Thus, a good personal statement will show your passion for the subject, tell what has inspired you to apply for the particular course you are applying for, as well as why you are confident that you would be an asset to the educational institution.

What Should a Great Personal Statement Include?

Showing who you are might seem a bit vague, so here is a more precise way to approach it. One can state that a good personal statement example has four main characteristics. Even if applicants are dealing with drastically different personal statement topics, an outstanding essay will often share the same qualities. They are described below.

The Elements of a Powerful Personal Statement

Core Values

The easiest way to show who you are is by telling what you value. Thus, your essay should include at least 4-5 of your core values. Write about various experiences, moments, stories that shaped those values in you, and show how you have gained those values.

Reading your essay, the committee should get a sense of what fulfills, excites or motivates you. These can include things such as beauty, humor, autonomy, community, and so on. In addition, consider whether those values are similar or varied. Remember that more varied values (e.g. healthy boundaries, diversity, resourcefulness) can discover different qualities and provide a more detailed sense of who you are.


Work on pondering over why those experiences/moments that have shaped your values are of importance to you? Check whether you have developed the ability to reflect. Reading your essay, the committee have to be able to detect at least 3-5 “so what” moments of insight, or points at which you draw reflections from your experiences that speak directly to your values or purposefulness. Make sure that these moments are not predictable, but rather truly enlightening. Let the reader see your mind in action, as well as your self-reflection here.


Offer some moments that will allow your readers to learn more about you and feel closer to you, so let your heart come through. Make your essay sound like it is coming from a deep and more vulnerable place.

Do not be afraid to tell honestly about the things that bother, challenge or even scare you. You are free to demonstrate those aspects of yourself. Keep in mind that this is the “base” of your application, so it is a place for emotional vulnerability. The admission officer should feel like they have a better sense of who you are after reading your essay.


Your essay should demonstrate mastery, i.e. it is articulate and reads well. Of course, the content is significant, but mastery is the thing that helps introduce the best stories to the world. Thus, it is vital to think of writing as a process. A brilliant personal statement will go through a few drafts. Carefully consider everything you write. Your ideas shouldn’t be raw or careless. Your audience should see the great care you put into brainstorming and writing stages in every word and sentence. So be sure to check the following:

  • Do your ideas connect in a logical way and are not too boring or obvious?
  • Does your essay represent a range of carefully considered choices?
  • Is it interesting and concise throughout (and where do you lose interest, if it’s not)? What information can be deleted to make it more succinct?
  • Which part is not frank or honest as much as it could be?
  • Have you revised the essay, so that it looks flawless?

As one can see, personal statement writing is a difficult and time-consuming process, since there are a lot of vital points to keep in mind. If you are still not sure of how to write a personal statement properly or whether your essay is what you want it to be, delegate it to a trusted personal statement writer and receive a paper that is based on the 4 abovementioned criteria.

I Want to Hire Someone to Write My Personal Statement for Me

The main thing applicants should worry about when it comes to writing a personal statement is not just producing something satisfactory or adequate, but something that is original, able to catch the eye of the institution and increase their chances of acceptance. This is the point where the most of people fail and start looking for skilled personal statement help. If you also don’t want to fail and want to pay someone to write personal statement for you in order to get the result you desire, our team of professionals is willing to help you. Just ask our talented writers “write personal statement for me” and save a ton of time and effort! Don’t risk getting an essay that is less than adequate. You can get help from a professional writer at our personal statement writing service, save your time and obtain the best statement ever!

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Need Instant Personal Statement Help? We Are Always at Your Disposal

No matter how urgent or difficult your “write a personal statement for me” request is, you can always rely on us and we won’t let you down. Our writing team consists of responsible and experienced academic writers, editors, and proofreaders, who can handle the most challenging academic projects successfully. We have already written hundreds of exceptional personal statements that have helped our customers reach their desired academic goals. With our professional personal statement help, you will be able to turn in a fantastic essay that will help you enjoy your student’s life in the college/university of your dream.

Who Will Write My Personal Statement for Me, if I Order It?

A personal statement is not a paper that you can entrust just to anyone. When you decide to pay someone to write personal statement for you, you have to keep in mind that your future is at stake, so you must be absolutely sure that you cooperate with experts who really know what they are doing. Our service has been providing applicants with personal statement help for many years and in case you send your write my personal statement for me request to us, we will match you with a writer who is:

  • Competent

We employ writers who have BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees in various fields of study. Be sure that we will provide you with an expert that holds a degree relevant to the field in which you are applying to in order to make sure that they fully understand it and know what the institution is looking for. In addition, you can rest assured that your personal statement writer will study the topic in detail and include necessary information to make your paper strong and complete.

  • Seasoned

Our professionals have vast experience in writing academic papers. In addition, they have the experience working in admissions and fully understand what is expected of your application and what essays actually work. Thus, using our personal statement service, you can be sure that you entrust your paper to the seasoned expert who knows how to make your essay shine and show you to the best advantage.

  • Targeted

Your personal statement writer will work with you directly to make certain that every important point is covered that your essay fully targets the program that you are applying to. The writer will explain why you have chosen the program, what excites you about the subject, prove your enthusiasm for your current study and so on.

  • Excellent English

All of our professionals have native level English skills and are capable of writing creative, compelling, engaging as well as effective and error-free text that will be ideal for your statement. Outstanding essay content isn’t more important than flawless grammar, spelling and punctuation, so be sure that your expert will take care of every aspect.

What Will You Receive if You Buy a Personal Statement from Us?

Our highly-skilled personal statement writers are good at everything that you need in your essay. If you buy personal statement writing, be certain that our experts will pay close attention to:

  • Grammar;
  • Word choice;
  • Structure;
  • Style;
  • Formatting;
  • Necessary points.

You will receive an effective and eye-catching essay that is original and tailored to the particular program. Other features of the essay you will get from our professionals include:

  • It will reflect your personality, explains why you are the best candidate, and demonstrate your academic goals;
  • It will depict your background, achievements, skills and research interests;
  • It will be appealing and never fail to persuade;
  • It will be filled with professionalism;
  • It will show your strong traits along with your relevant true experiences;
  • With the provided relevant examples, your essay will demonstrate your ability of critical thinking;
  • The essay will convey the relevance of your skills and knowledge to the chosen course;
  • It will incorporates the proper positive narration style;
  • It will delivers your future perspectives.

Do you wonder whether all these features concern different personal statements? Not at all. They all can be united into a single essay, if you order it from our professional personal statement writer.

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We Write Personal Statements of Different Kinds

We want you to know that we can write your personal statement regardless of its urgency and complexity level. What is more, you can be sure that our experts can cope with various disciplines including Art, Nursing, Psychology, Business, History, Law, Management, etc. No matter what college or university you want to apply to, we will find an appropriate writing expert, who will help you achieve your goals without extra effort. Just ask us “please, write my personal statement for me” and we will handle the rest! Moreover, we can provide you with an excellent essay for any purpose, including:

  • Personal statement for college

Your essay should show that you understand the peculiar nature of the chosen school and that it aligns with your life experiences and objectives both now and in the future. Thus, our experts will help you defend those attribute when it comes to writing a personal essay for college. They will write with spotless grammar, logical reasoning with standard college language, interesting content presented creatively.

  • Personal statement for university

Your essay needs to be able to show you off in the best possible light. Applying to a university, you have to stand out from all of the other candidates and make yourself memorable. Our experts will work directly with you to help you make sure that your paper reflects exactly what the university wants to see.

  • Personal statement for scholarship

The essay for this application is your chance to demonstrate and explain to the scholarship committee why you are the best candidate for the award, providing them with a brief glimpse into your background and accomplishments. Thus, if you need help with writing a scholarship personal statement, get in touch with us.

  • Personal statement for a job

If you need help with writing a concise summary or paragraph that will tell the readers exactly what you can bring to the job, as well as the bright description of your achievements and interests, turn to our experts for help.

  • Personal statement for grad school

If you need to write a personal statement for grad school, you have to demonstrate narratively and descriptively how you fit into this role, and provide practical steps you would take to attain those goals. The admissions committee wants to see how you possess those features and cases in which you’ve brought them to use in your life or career pursuit. Thus, using your experiences, we’ll help you tell a compelling story.

Note that you’re not limited to the above-mentioned statements only. Whether you need a personal statement for nursing school, law school or PhD program, we are here to assist you!

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Superb Personal Statement Writing Service to Deal With

A lot of students want to pay someone to write a personal statement to make their life a bit easier. Fortunately, you don’t have to look for this person anymore, since you’ve come to, a reliable admission writing service. Our professionals have written statements of purpose many times, and their skills and knowledge have helped thousands of students to get accepted.

High quality is our key policy. This is the reason why our writers compose papers according to the strictest requirements and academic writing standards. It doesn’t matter what university or college you are applying to, our flexible approach will suit any demand! Getting personal statement help online at our company is an excellent decision due to our firm guarantees.


Delivery According to the Deadline

You will receive your essay within the specified deadline. You can turn to our custom personal statement writing service for help, even if you are very short of time. It is not a problem for our company, because our professionals used to working within tight deadlines. The minimum amount of time required for composing your paper is only a few hours (e.g. 8, 6 or 4), so you can easily ask “write my personal statement,” and expect to get the document delivered within this timeframe!


High-Quality Papers without Plagiarism

Each order that our writers accept is done absolutely from scratch. What is more, each piece of writing produced by our writers is tested for originality by a modern plagiarism detection tool before delivery. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that each writing project they buy from is plagiarism-free and created according to their specifications. In addition, you have a great opportunity to order a detailed plagiarism report generated by our reliable software to make certain that the delivered papers are completely original.


Our Support Managers Are Ready to Help You 24/7

Whenever you need some help at any of the stages of our partnership, you should contact our support managers and they will gladly assist you. After all, turning our cooperation into an unforgettable experience for you is our top priority, thus our support representatives are available around the clock. So, if you have no idea how to write an effective statement of purpose, you should just give us a call and we will make your worries disappear.


Absolute Confidentiality

We guarantee that no one will ever find out that you have used our writing services. Firstly, we assign a special ID to every customer and refer to them by this number rather than the name. This help us ensure that each client’s identity remains confidential. Secondly, according to our privacy policy, we never share the personal information of our users with any third parties. Our goal is to protect our customers’ privacy, so you don’t need to worry about the misuse of your data.

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How to Purchase a Winning Personal Statement Here

If you are thinking “I would rather pay someone to write a personal statement,” then you are just in the right place. Below, you will find a brief description of the ordering process that will help you receive a good-looking paper in a couple of clicks of your mouse.

  1. Let us understand how your personal statement should look like. For this purpose, you will need to fill in an order form adding some important details of your task (word count, deadline, academic level,etc.). Then, you will need to provide us with some personal information that will help us create an authentic statement that will help your target audience learn more about you;
  2. Then, you will need to pay for your order choosing a safe and convenient payment method. Once the payment is verified, you will get a suitable expert assigned to your order;
  3. In case you have any questions, you can use the messaging system on our website to communicate with the assigned writer directly;
  4. Once the time is up, you will find an outstanding document in the system. You just need to log in and download it.

Note that we offer a free revision option, in case you are not fully satisfied with your paper and some of your requirements are not met. You can ask your writer to revise your essay at no extra cost within 2 days after the order deadline expiration, and your initial instructions have to remain the same.

Our Writing Assistance Is Very Affordable

If you are concerned about the cost of our personal statement writing services, we would like to assure you that our partnership won’t hit your pocket. We know that when applying to some colleges or universities, our customers have too many expenses and we don’t want to be a financial burden for them. If you check our pricing, you will see that the prices for our services start at $10.99 per page, which is very affordable. What is more, when you become our returning customer, you will get access to great discounts starting from 5%. Our pocket-friendly pricing policy is the primary reason why the number of our loyal customers continues to grow. As such, you can be sure that your “write a personal statement for me” request will fully match your monthly budget.

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Our versed team knows all ins and outs of the whole process of crafting an absolutely powerful admission essay that will help you to attain your goal. Ordering your essay from us today, you ensure your bright future tomorrow, so make certain that this is a really great investment.

We have helped countless people applying to different institutions and schools to increase the admissions chances, and we can do the same for you too! Our specialists are familiar with all the tricks and techniques of high-quality and winning personal statement writing, so they can bring not only an unparalleled and unique insight to the paper, but they can create a unique and compelling essay that stands out and truly helps your chances. So benefit from our service today!


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