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Problem Solution Essay

Quite often, students have to write a problem solution essay. This type of assignment should describe a certain problem and provide possible solutions to settle it. Students have to write this kind of paper while studying at high school or college. Before writing your problem and solution essay, you have to do thorough research in order to create a good paper. A superior quality problem solution essay should have an argument for a certain solution to your specified problem.  Like most other types of academic papers, a problem and solution essay should have an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, a main body, and a concluding paragraph.

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Writing a Wonderful 500 Word Essay

Writing a 500 word essay is like telling a story. Quite often, professors provide their students with some prompts in order to stimulate their thinking and creativity. However, you can always write a paper about something that happened to you or someone else, or about an event that impacted your life, or about your past experience. There are some main rules that should be followed while writing 500 word essay.


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Writing a Good Literature Essay

Introduction: While writing an introduction for your literature essay, be brief and present the direction of your paper. You have to define all the aspects of the book that you will deal with.

Paragraphs: When creating a paper, you have to clearly identify from five to seven specific points that will be discussed. Each point should be covered in one or two paragraphs. It is very important to make smooth transitions between paragraphs in order to ensure natural flow of the paper.

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Writing an Exploratory Essay

Some students experience challenges while writing an exploratory essay. It is really not an easy type of assignment as you have to be objective and to cite a sufficient number of facts to support your claims.

An exploratory type of paper presupposes that you have to explore your specific topic with the help of thorough research. You can imagine that you are a journalist who needs to write an article for a professional magazine. So, if you need to write an exploratory essay, stick to these points and the process of writing will be pleasant and easy!

You should clearly present your main idea in the paper. Your audience should understand what they are reading. Do not forget to provide the readers with the context so that they can easily understand the situation. State your research questions in order to show what will be analyzed in your paper. You should encourage your readers with a compelling thesis statement so that they want to read your paper till the end.  Remember that it is one of the most important parts of any paper. Read more..

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