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The Importance of Writing Education

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For some reason, people consider writing as an easy task to accomplish, especially if a person is well familiar with grammar rules, punctuation, stylistics, and formatting. However, not everyone thinks about the challenges a writer undergoes while trying his or her hand at writing. At least once, but almost each person has been in the role of a writer when studying at school or at university. It is true that judging is always easier, especially when a person is a teacher who has to evaluate students’ works. However, it is better to admit that this is probably the hardest task a person can do. Writing is a piece of art that expresses individual feelings and emotions, therefore a teacher should be a true master to be able to help a student do it in the best way possible. In the recent years, the USA has had a tendency to focus students’ attention on mathematics and science subjects for the sake of improving the country’s economy and position in the world ranking. This factor has caused considerable deprivation in writing skills. Writing education has to be put in the first place, because it develops creative thinking and expands imagination.

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Writing is an important tool for expressing thoughts and opinions, therefore it should be introduces as a core separate subject at schools. According to a recent research conducted in the USA, 75% of schools wish to put a significant emphasis on teaching proper writing. A teacher from California, Sara Freeman, admitted that encouraging students to love science is beneficial though it is also advisable to describe scientific processes and terms while appropriately constructing word combinations and sentences (National Writing Project, n.d.). A great number of investigations prove that Americans cannot write as they are supposed to. Teachers, educational institutions, and government have to pay ample amount of attention to this serious issue. The USA is ready for new challenges in science and technology. However, accentuating attention on science progress, the government expresses total neglect towards writing. Writing education is a core subject simply for the reason that it is taught from primary school.

In his article, Joe Mullich dwells on the significant impact of mathematics and science scores on the national economy. American government is obsessed with science issue, trying to be always the first. Definitely, it has also some negative influence, because while paying total attention to one thing, the government completely forgets about writing. Writing education is a kind of science, too. It helps students organize their thoughts and depict on paper something they are not able to say aloud (Mullich, n.d.).

Moreover, writing motivates students to learn and study. It is very important to create a sustainable and pleasurable environment for pupils to feel comfortable there, so that they can be concentrated on writing. Some educators suggest poetry and prose as incentives to try their hand at writing (Kuczynski-Brown, 2012). Students have to realize that mathematics and writing are both sciences that require hard work and time. The simple difference is in numbers and figures that are mostly present in mathematics, while words and letters in writing (Tyre, 2012). There should be teachers who take responsibility for delivering lessons in writing. A journalist Peg Tyre suggests that American school system has to be changed along with teachers. Sometimes, teachers impose the wrong concept of writing education and science that, if a student wants to be smart, he/she has to study science, and if someone is weaker, they must try writing.

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In conclusion, it would be fair to say that the deteriorating situation in writing is the fault of American government. The country educated citizens that have to contribute to the welfare of the state. However, there arises a question, whether they would be good specialists without being familiar with ordinary rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


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