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Category: Critique

Critical Review on Service Marketing

Introduction It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the industry of hospitality and tourism is one of the most rapidly developing business sectors worldwide. Hotel and travel business is closely associated with service marketi...

A Critical Assessment of the Contribution of the Olympic Games to the Urban Regeneration of the Host City: A Focus on 2012 London Olympics

Regeneration, in a geographical sense, refers to the improvement of an area that has been experiencing a period of decline (Imrie, Lees & Raco 2009, p. 132). The International Olympic Committee instructive guideline requires national and city gov...

Research Critique: “Unreported Workplace Violence in Nursing”

Quantitative Article Critique Quantitative Title and Abstract Unreported workplace violence in nursing, does not seem to be a detailed title in this case. One would not be able to understand the content or even specific interests of the researchers...
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