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Without doubt, tourism is the biggest industry in the world and it is responsible for generating considerable revenue in many different countries. As a result, there has been an increased demand to know more about the industry as a whole and to undertake adequate research on the different subsections of the industry. When writing a tourism essay, there are a number of different options that one can discuss and/or research. The tourism industry is always developing and new areas like ‘dark’ tourism give rise to interesting research avenues for students to explore and write about. Therefore, it is important for scholars to choose a suitable avenue that will allow them to acquire knowledge in a relatively easy manner. is a professional writing service that helps produce original and detailed essays on tourism according to the needs of individual customers. We have a team of professionally qualified writers who excel at providing essay papers in exact accordance with your requirements. These experts have access to extensive research resources and information e.g. libraries, databases, and so on. So, with our help, it is much easier for a student to complete their assignments without the worry of failure or plagiarism. All that is necessary is for the customer to select an interesting topic and we will take care of everything else. With, you are assured of a high-quality paper that meets all required standards and is guaranteed to get you a top mark. Our company strictly adheres to prescribed writing standards so you will save time and receive a top-quality paper according to the deadline you stipulate.

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Sample Essay on Tourism – How “Dark” Tourism Has Developed

That area known as “dark” tourism is a specialized branch of the industry that many people do not find appealing. Yet, it has a crucial role in providing information and combining the past with the here and now. To some extent, it can be described as that area of tourism that entails visits to places or sites that have some connection with suffering or violent death, attractions that can be described as “dark” or macabre. Not only do visits to macabre sites arouse deep emotions but they give rise to wider discussions and examination of the darker side of human nature and history. “Dark” tourism has a number of subsections such as disaster, doomsday grief, poverty and suicide tourism. It is possible to develop these subsections into niche areas that can deliver considerable revenue if properly managed. Dark tourism has fascinated people for many years past, going back to the pilgrim era. As long ago as the Dark Age, pilgrims visited tombs and sites associated with religious martyrs.

The above sample provides an idea of what dark tourism is about as well as its various classifications and its historical value. This sample is just an indication of how to write an essay on tourism.


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