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The Contest Between AI Essay Writing and Human-Composed Texts: Identifying the Champion

In our contemporary reality, the influence of computer technology has become highly pervasive, almost to the point of becoming indispensable. It’s safe to say that a significant fraction of the global population might find the notion of a life devoid of computers or the Internet almost unthinkable. The consistent integration of computers into our everyday experiences reflects the necessity of equipping them with more human-like intelligence to simplify and enhance our daily routines. The creation and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that replicates human intelligence and senses, have sparked a technological revolution. Numerous corporations and institutions have begun to actively incorporate AI technologies into their operations and learning processes.

Among the various sectors significantly transformed by AI, education stands out. Many students consider the process of composing essays or research papers a daunting chore. They’re faced with the challenge of creating a unique and compelling argument, providing supporting evidence, and arranging their thoughts coherently. When confronted with the intricacies of the writing process, students often turn to online tools or AI writing software for instant assistance. Applications like OpenAI and ChatGPT have become students’ favorites. However, despite the appeal of these groundbreaking technologies, it’s crucial to scrutinize AI writing tools, assessing their potential downsides and limitations. So, let’s delve into the world of AI essay writing, its pros and cons, and how it impacts students’ academic performance.

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Unraveling Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents an avant-garde technological advancement, typically orchestrated by a combination of algorithms, robots, or computers. It employs real-time data to emulate human intelligence, replicating human thought processes and decision-making capabilities. Put simply, AI is designed to behave and respond like a genuine human.

AI technologies enable machines to execute a range of functions like planning, reasoning, learning, and problem-solving – all hallmarks of cognitive human thought. As AI continues to evolve daily, it’s expected to bring about significant changes to human existence already in the near future.

Exploring the Potential Applications of Artificial Intelligence

As we dissect the potential of Artificial Intelligence, it’s essential to highlight sectors that stand to gain from its offerings:

Applications of AI



In the business realm, AI promises substantial time and effort savings. This pertains to the automation of human tasks through robotics and the use of machine learning algorithms to enhance customer service. Many chatbots now deliver speedy customer responses and services.


Numerous organizations strive to create technologies for rapid diagnosis. AI can execute surgical procedures efficiently with minimal human oversight. This technology-enabled surgery is becoming increasingly commonplace.


AI has the potential to amplify productivity within the manufacturing sector. It facilitates the mass production of goods, potentially without human intervention, saving considerable time and effort.


AI-enhanced tools can optimize educational processes. They can identify students’ needs, provide relevant suggestions, and assist teachers by creating tasks, automating routine activities, digital workflows, and grading processes, thereby saving considerable time.

AI has applications in numerous other fields, hinting at a future dominated by AI technologies. Many experts predict AI’s eventual integral role in human life, with academic writing being no exception. But does this AI-centric future really hold advantages for students and writers? Let’s explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in academic writing.

Is AI the Present and Future of Student Essay Writing?

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been phenomenal, its influence stretching into content creation, editing, and proofreading. Automated content writing software is no longer the exclusive tool of professionals crafting blog posts, product descriptions, or digital ad copies. More and more students are leveraging this technology to generate creative sparks, outline drafts, and write essays. These digital aids, termed AI essay writers, are being increasingly enlisted to shoulder students’ writing assignments.

Tools like ChatGPT are proving to be beneficial assets for students, enabling text reading and analysis, identification of core points, content sourcing, and demonstration of essay structures and appropriate word usage. Furthermore, a hybrid approach where students generate fresh ideas or amplify and adjust an AI-generated response is gaining popularity. Yet, the crux of the matter is whether students can judiciously harness AI for essay writing. It’s important to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning, so let’s delve into the merits and potential pitfalls of employing this technology in writing.

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The Boons of Incorporating AI Essay Writing Tools

AI writing tools come in various forms, each with its unique features, and corresponding pros and cons. Here’s a snapshot of the positive sides of utilizing AI writing tools. Thus, AI essay writers can:

  • Analyze a colossal amount of data in a blink;
  • Synthesize information from diverse sources into an intelligible text;
  • Generate lengthy essays or research papers at lightning speed, a godsend for students or content writers racing against time;
  • Tailor essays on any subject or topic based on the input criteria;
  • Fuel innovative writing ideas;
  • Augment your study resources;
  • Procure informative research elements to enrich your paper;
  • Assist with basic grammar and spelling checks.

Given these capabilities, it’s not surprising that students employ an AI essay generator to save time and stimulate creativity and productivity while working on their assignments. An additional factor is the cost-effectiveness of an AI writing assistant, making them an appealing choice for students.

Pitfalls of AI Content Writing Tools for Essay Writing: A Note of Caution for Students

Despite their versatility and power, AI writers aren’t a panacea for crafting impeccable academic texts. Let’s delve deeper into the limitations of this software.

  • AI Writing Tools Can Be Obsolete

Typically, their neural network relies on data that caps at 2021. Therefore, the AI chatbots you’re using might lack the latest knowledge and information about unfolding issues and events.

  • Plagiarism Concerns

AI tools can process data but cannot concoct completely novel ideas. When crafting content, AI merely echoes pre-existing ideas; it cannot generate unique concepts. As such, you receive merely a differently phrased “old” text that falls short of uniqueness. There are tools like,, etc., that can detect bot-generated content, risking accusations of plagiarism or even expulsion.

  • AI Writers’ Emotion and Empathy Deficit

AI cannot mimic the emotions that humans can imbue in words. Hence, AI-powered tools may fail to understand or recognize the emotional context of a conversation/text. This can lead to insensitive or inappropriate content. Tools like ChatGPT may provide tone-deaf feedback during the revision process, lacking awareness and empathy when students seek information or engage in research.

  • Missing Depth and Nuance

AI-generated content usually lacks the depth and nuance inherent in human writing. Bots cannot grasp specific audience needs and create custom content for them.

  • Creativity Deficit

AI essay writing tools typically lack the intuitive and creative capabilities inherent in humans. Remember, they’re programmed to follow set patterns and rules, hindering the creation of genuinely creative or original content.

  • Absence of Critical Thinking

AI lacks the capacity for critical thinking necessary for decisions involving competing goals or values. Content writing tools can supply options or information but cannot make value-based or personal goal-based decisions like humans.

  • Potential Biases

Like all machine learning models, AI tools can potentially echo biases present in their training data. Consequently, they might churn out content reflecting societal biases, such as those based on gender or race. The notion of a “neutral” AI is misleading, as it sources information from broader culture.

  • No Personal Perspective

Content creation tools are unable to generate texts from varying perspectives since they lack personal experiences and beliefs influencing their writing. Anecdotes and personal touches can only be imparted by humans.

Always conduct your research and make informed decisions. While AI tools for essay writing have certain benefits, your unique needs matter. If you want impeccable papers tailored to your specifications, consider enlisting the aid of human essay writers.

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The Distinct Advantages of Engaging Human Essay Writers

Academic writing is a multifaceted discipline, demanding accuracy, data credibility, style, sentence construction, grammar, coherence, and more. Students need assurance that their projects excel in these facets. Given these complex requirements, many students find themselves lacking the necessary confidence and turn to AI writing programs like ChatGPT. But while these technologies are useful, they are no match for the expertise of live people. Let’s delve into what makes skilled and experienced human writers far superior to any AI essay generator.

Unparalleled Originality

When it comes to academic writing, the gold standard is the creation of entirely original works. Our seasoned professionals understand that plagiarism is a cardinal sin in academia, assuring you of plagiarism-free content should you avail of our custom essay writing services. Our writers craft each paper from the ground up, using fresh ideas and adhering to clients’ instructions. Plus, we conduct thorough plagiarism checks using reliable software. You can even request a comprehensive plagiarism report to verify the originality of any piece of writing.

Rigorous Source Verification

Unlike AI, experienced human essay writers diligently verify the credibility of their sources. They know how to ensure the data they use is both accurate and reliable. In contrast, AI draws from existing sources without questioning their reliability due to its inability to apply the human judgment that experienced writers possess.

Adherence to Guidelines

Unlike AI tools, skilled writers create texts that fully meet your requirements. Our experts consistently adhere to customer instructions. Moreover, we facilitate direct communication between customers and writers to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. Unlike an AI tool, human writers can tell you when instructions are unclear or missing.

Emotionally-Charged Creativity

Bots can write, but they can’t create content that resonates with your audience emotionally. Only human writers, who experience and understand emotions, can do that. Our writers are adept at crafting content that is not only creative and engaging but also intuitively resonates with your audience. Their life experiences and personal beliefs fuel fresh themes and ideas that are beyond the realm of AI.

Precision in Formatting

AI-generated papers often contain inaccuracies. Human writers, on the other hand, insert references accurately and place them appropriately, thereby enhancing the overall quality and credibility of the work. Our professional writers are well-versed in the latest formatting standards and nuances of various citation styles, ensuring your papers are properly formatted.

Textual Coherence

Sure, AI programs can generate texts, but their quality is questionable. Can machines truly create coherent texts with logically connected parts? Do they know how to weave smooth transitions between paragraphs? Our skilled writers do this naturally, thanks to their vast experience in writing academic papers. They can create clear, coherent papers that don’t sound robotic.

Customized Content that Speaks to Readers

Your writing has to offer a friendly tone, useful content, and valuable advice if you want to draw readers’ attention, especially if it’s your blog or website. By providing this kind of content, you can foster a connection with your readers and keep them engaged, informed, and able to make sound decisions. Our trained writers excel at crafting fully customized content imbued with a personal touch to avoid any shock from bot-generated content.

While the advantages listed above don’t encompass everything that sets human-generated content apart, they make a compelling case for why AI technologies can’t replace skilled and talented human writers. So, safeguard your grades by entrusting your assignments to our seasoned writers, guaranteeing content of the highest quality.

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While AI-driven content bots are undeniably smart, they’re devoid of the human touch. They’re fine if you’re collating figures or statistics, but to cultivate a rapport with your readers, AI technologies fall short. So, when you need support with homework, projects, or writing assignments, our proficient essay writing company is at your service. Our team of accomplished, degree-qualified writers are ready to craft any type of paper in accordance with all writing standards. But that’s just sneak peek of what we can offer.

Below, we’ve outlined how you can benefit from our bespoke writing services:

  • If you’re a first-year student unfamiliar with the demands of higher education, our experts can guide you. Say goodbye to stress over complex papers, strenuous homework, tight deadlines, and daunting topics when you avail our essay writing service.
  • If you’re on the verge of graduation, our custom writing services will prove invaluable. We can help you navigate the avalanche of assignments, ensuring they are completed in a timely and competent manner, no matter the complexity.
  • We offer unparalleled rewriting services, ideal if you’ve used AI essay writing tools but are unhappy with the output or uncertain of its authenticity.
  • If you need rich, targeted SEO content, our experts are at your service. Perhaps you’ve tried a content creation tool but were dissatisfied with the outcome. Our specialists will heed your comments, delivering a powerful, compelling, and top-tier human-crafted write-up, aligning with the latest Google algorithms and trends.
  • Should you question the flawlessness of an AI-generated text in terms of grammar, spelling, or style, our professional proofreading and editing services are your solution. AI writers may falter when it comes to style nuances and vocabulary usage, but our human writers excel in these areas.
  • If you’ve enlisted our human essay writer and find some guidelines weren’t adhered to, you can request a free revision. This is an option AI writers do not provide.

Reflecting on these points, it’s clear that our writing service offers manifold benefits. Expect exquisite, human-crafted content tailored to your unique needs, encompassing style, tone, coherence, structure, grammar, punctuation, formatting, emotional appeal, SEO, and more. Our human essay writers are meticulously detail-oriented and adopt a personal approach to each assignment, a level of service AI can’t provide.

We pride ourselves on staying current with emerging trends and shifts in education, content writing, SEO, blogging, and more. We stay apprised of new standards and requirements, ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best. Our writers understand the importance of adhering strictly to your professor’s instructions and your institution’s requirements.

If you seek unparalleled content infused with a human touch, original insight, and sound structure, you need to look no further. Regardless of your paper type, be it an essay, research paper, term paper, coursework, book review, business report, marketing plan, dissertation, or any other format, urgency or complexity, our human writing professionals are here to help.

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