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Additional, Good-Value Writing Services

Progressive Delivery

The delivery of orders in part is a great way to efficiently manage bigger or highly complex assignments, e.g., the papers that are 20+ pages (if typed in double-spacing) or 10+ pages (if typed in single-spacing). And a progressive delivery is a service you can request from

Benefits of getting a large assignment in parts:

  • Makes tracking or monitoring progress easier. Receiving each part at a time gives the customer time to check and approve/reject our work before the final date for submission.
  • More time for requesting a free revision – up to 30 days past delivery – (while the cut-off time for regular orders is 2 days).
  • Papers written, researched, and edited by our most competent staff members.
  • Personal supervisor/manager takes charge of each order to monitor its progress, facilitate effective communication between yourself and our staff, and ensure a satisfactory outcome.

This is how drafts are sent*:

  • Orders with 4 days (or less) deadline: Once 50% of deadline is reached, our writers send 25% (quarter) of an order to a customer. Therefore, assuming you give us 2 days to compete an order totaling 20 pages, you can expect 5 pages of draft after 1 day has lapsed.
  • Orders with 5-11 days deadline: Once 25% of deadline is reached, our writes send 25% (quarter) of an order to a customer and, once 50% of deadline is reached, they send 50% of an order to the customer.
  • Orders with 12 days or more deadline: Once 25% of deadline is reached, our writes send 25% (quarter) of an order to a customer; when 50% of deadline is reached, they send 50% (half) of an order to the customer, and once 75% of deadline is reached, they send 75% (three-quarters) of an order to the customer.

The cost of this service comprises only 15% onto your order’s price.

* Do not hesitate to contact the supervisor or manager monitoring your order if you prefer a different delivery method. They will work with you to devise a way of delivering your order to fit your needs.

Additional Services: Short Papers – less than 20 Pages

One-Page Summaries can provide you with a 1 page summary of your paper, which we actually recommend if you need to report on your research work at regular intervals. This one page will display all key information.

One-Page Drafts

We can also provide you with 1 page draft of your paper upon expiration of 50% of the agreed deadline. If, for example, you have requested a single-spaced text, we will provide a 600-word draft. And if you have requested double-spacing, we will provide a 300-word draft. Therefore, if you set a 4-day deadline, your draft will be sent to you when 2 days of this time has expired.

Extended Revision Time

Free revision is offered to all customers of, but in standard terms, such requests need to be submitted within 48 hours of the order delivery. However, our “extended revision” option increases the window for a free revision to 14 days after the order delivery.

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